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“I had to decide what I was going to do, and what I was going to be.
I was standing there, waiting for someone to do something

till I realised the person I was waiting for was myself.” 
― Markus Zusak

Time and time again we find ourselves at the crossroads. A time to make a decision. The first step towards change. Some of us follow our hearts and go headlong in the direction that feels right. Some of us ponder, do research, weigh the pros and cons and take calculated risks before we choose a path. And some of us just stand there waiting. Waiting for the decision to manifest by itself, a situation to clear up magically or someone else to tell us what to do. And that can take forever, leaving us lost, confused and powerless.

The moment we truly decide and commit to a course of action is the moment of total self empowerment. And the Universe begins to assist us, but unless and until we don’t take that power of choice in our hands, the Universe and everything else will simply wait in the sidelines. And once you do decide, it”s all systems go.

This week’s cards asks you to decide. Do it with your heart. Do it with research. Ask a friend to help you go through the process with you. Turn to the Tarot for direction. Make a choice. Ask yourself right now “What have I decided? What is my intention right now? Take the first step. And watch the magic unfold:)

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