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There will be always 2 kinds of people in our lives we always remember.

Those who kicked us when we were down and told us we couldn’t do it.

And those who told us to get up and believe in ourselves.

And the ones who encouraged us, pushed us forward when we were lost, who reminded us of our own light and our own inner beauty are the ones we bless and thank. And the critics, the doubters, the bitchers who laughed when we fell, they really don’t matter, they’ve retreated it to the recesses of our mind. Best forgiven, forgotten and also blessed, for teaching us a valuable lesson in self belief.

This week’s cards reminds us that we have the power to push down or pull up those around us. Don’t just congratulate the achievers, encourage those who tried. Lift those who are struggling. Be mindful about how you correct your children or motivate the new recruits in your team. The positive energy you spread with just one word, will be felt. Why? Because we’re all connected. You and I. Us and Them.

“The best gifts are those that leave something in the heart of the recipient long after the gift has left their hands.” 
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

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