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Once upon a time a group of owls came to settle in a forest which had many lush green trees, full of fruits, flowers and insects. All the owls were free to choose whichever tree they liked. The young owls raced to occupy the young, green trees, eager to make their nests there. While an old owl who couldn’t fly as fast as the others was forced to make his home in a withered, dried up old tree.
As time went by, the young owls grew proud and boastful of their homes. They teased the old owl for his shriveled up tree and pointed out how lucky they were. “Our nests are nicer than yours” they mocked the old bird and competed with one another constantly.
The old owl was wise. He learnt to watch their antics and endured their jibes silently and only replied “it’s too soon to say who’s the lucky one”
One day a group of woodcutters came and surveyed the forest. “Let’s chop the young, green trees” and took out their chainsaws and chopped and chopped until the old oak tree was left. “This one is a waste of time, let’s leave it”
The young owls screeched and lamented their loss. While the old owl smiled and offered the branches to the young owls to live in.
Author Unknown

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