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Every now and then we find ourselves in a critical juncture in our lives. A point of decision with two opposing choices or decisions. Sometimes this comes after a string of difficult days be it in our jobs or our relationships, where we end up in a point saying “Should I stay or should I go?” When we know that it’s Before or After. And there is no turning back from this point. And sometimes it comes as a wake up call, related to our mental and physical health, where the crossroads reminds us that to continue on a certain path would only be disastrous for our health and we have to choose a path of mindful living and good health. And sometimes we go through phases in our life where we are only surrounded by crossroads, no straight lines, just multitudes of intersections telling us “this way or that way” and the decisions we make consciously, intuitively or even impulsively can change our course of life forever.

So if you’ve found yourself at the crossroads. Wondering whether to let go of a toxic relationship. To forgive someone. To quit your job. To leave the country. To change industries. To retire. To quit alcohol or smoking. To turn vegan. Don’t pause too long. Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back into continuing in a state of disappointment, misery or ill health. Stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you.

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