One of the first things I learnt about as energy healing student way back in 2000 was about our 7 main chakras. These energy centres that reside in all of us, down our spines are like spinning wheels of energy. And each correspond to major organs, nerve centres and affect our minds, emotions and our souls.
Although there are more than 100 chakras, most healers and yoga practitioners focus on the main 7.
Ideally they should all be spinning at optimal speed if we want to be in a space of harmony. But when there’s a low energy flow, blockages or too much energetic activity they manifest differently. And our bodies and minds start sending us signals that something is out of whack.
If you’ve been feeling off balance there are ways to heal yourself. By grounding, practising Yoga, breathwork especially pranayam, improving posture, getting an energy healing session working with healing crystals and avoiding junk food, processed food and alcohol.
Our bodies start giving us signals way before we fall sick. Pay attention and return to your own state of balance and bliss.
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