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How many times do we tell ourselves “I’m going to do it” and then promptly shelve the idea. Or push it in the back of our minds till some day comes. But that day never comes.

How many times do we make a mental bucket list? “Oh I’ve got to visit this place” and then life takes over and we never revisit our dreams on our list.

If you’re like me who’s lost count of the things I want to do but never got around to doing it, the energies of this week remind us that the time of action is now.

Take stock of the things you’ve been meaning to do. Even if it’s something small, like renewing your license. Or buying that gift for a dear friend. Or booking your tickets for your dream destination. Don’t wait for things to happen. Do something. Make it happen. Make your future. Take action on your ‘to do list” Because some things in life, don’t come with reminders or alarms. They come as a realisation that dawns on us much later that we could have but we didn’t. We owe it to ourselves don’t we?

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