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We’ve all met people who’ve come up in life all on their own. You could call it rags to riches. You could call it drive. Your could call it kismet. Whatever it is, they’ve risen up the ranks on their own mettle. Without any sugar daddies behind them, they’ve shown us all that it is possible to be successful or wealthy or just simply content by depending on no one else but their own selves. These individuals possess not only a deep sense of self belief and self reliance, they display courage, self control, consistency and the ability to slog hard.

And it’s these energies the cards highlight in the days ahead. With a clear message saying that you can achieve your goals, you can be as successful or as wealthy as you want, you can find the deep space of contentment within. It’s all within your grasp, without needing to expect or depend on anyone else but YOU.

“A self-made man, if he is made at all, has already won the battle of life. . . . he has learned to resist. He has learned the value of money, and how to refuse to spend it. He has learned the value of time, and how the conversion of it into useful things will make of his life something worthwhile. He has learned to say no, to say no at the right time, and then to stand by it. Without resistance, and the self-denial which it often imposes, there is no real happiness. In the quest for happiness, man must learn that temptation resisted strengthens the mind and the soul.” ~ Alvin R. Dyer 

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