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Two brothers involved in litigation appeared before a Magistrate. One of them was a millionaire, the other a pauper. The Magistrate asked the millionaire how it was that he became so rich and his brother so poor. He said: “Five years ago we inherited equal property from our parents. Fifty thousand dollars fell to his share and fifty thousand dollars to me. This man, regarding himself as wealthy, became lazy, and whatever work was to be done he entrusted to his servants. If he received a letter, he would give it to his servants and say, ‘Go, attend to this business.’ Anything that was to be accomplished he told his servants to do. He lolled away his time in ease and comfort. ‘Eat, drink, and be merry.’ He would always bid his servants, ‘.’Go, go; attend to this business or that.”

Speaking of himself the rich man said: “When I got my fifty thousand dollars, I never committed my work to anybody; when anything was to be none, I would always run to do it myself and I always told the servants, ‘Come, come, follow me.’

The words on my lips were always ‘Come, come,’ and the words on the lips of my brother were ‘Go, go.’ Everything he possessed obeyed his motto; his servants, friends, property or wealth went away, entirely left him. My maxim was ‘ Come’; friends come to me, property increased, everything multiplied.

When we depend upon others, we say, “Go. go”. Everything will go away, and when we rely upon Self and trust nothing but the Universe , all things flock to us.

Author Unknown.

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