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Have you ever noticed how memories pop up suddenly? While talking with an school friend. Or cleaning up your wardrobe or even your inbox. Or remembering a departed loved one, just before you wake up in the morning. 99% of the times, the memories show up without any effort on our part. And I’ve learnt to understand the important role they play in our growth and healing. Memories are truly the treasures we all keep tucked away in our heart, some pleasant, some heartwarming, some painful. Remnants from a time long ago, when we were younger or when certain loved ones were with us.

True, we shouldn’t live in the past. We can only grow and learn from it. And if a memory appears, you can be sure there is a reason. Without memory, there can be no healing. Our memories help us reflect on the past, make sense of the present, and plan for the future. If you suddenly remember the words of a departed loved one, perhaps it’s a sign to carry on their legacy. If you suddenly recall the pain caused by someone years ago, perhaps it’s time to forgive them and be free. Or if you have dreams of someone you once loved, perhaps it’s a reminder that though the two of you may have moved on with your lives, the love you shared was eternal.

The most beautiful things we have is our memories. We cannot relive them. We can only make more happy memories. And leave behind the keepsakes, the photographs and the sounds of the laughter for our future.

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