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We’re all on this journey of life. Doing our best to face the challenges. Working towards making a difference. Cherishing our moments with friends of family. Why, because we know how unpredictable and short this journey can be. And if there’s anything we’ve learnt from the Pandemic years and after, is that there are no guarantees to anything.

It’s taking the little steps that make the journey complete. Life is not a project, or a competition, it’s not where you end up, it’s how you get there. The journey is actually the reward.

And this week’s cards reminds us to embrace and accept whatever is on our path. Be they flowers or pebbles, fountains or potholes. They are intrinsic to our journey. Great change surrounds us. But instead of worrying about what will be, how about appreciating what and who is there now.

Happy Travelling:)

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