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Some people are born to explore. Right from a young age, they do what they can to break free from restrictions, experiment with different experiences and refuse to take the beaten path. I remember my son pulling his little hand away from mine and running in the opposite direction while we crossed a field on holiday. I couldn’t catch up with him and shouted “what are you doing?” He shouted back “I’m using my legs ma”

Not only was he using his legs, he was using all his senses to take in every new sight, sound, touch and taste of the unknown. And him, like many others was just doing what he was born to do. To try out new things, even if it meant ordering something that sounded funny on the menu and then going eww. At least he knew what it tasted like. And then there was the Engineer, who decided to become a chef, experimenting with fusion cuisine, far away from nuts, bolts and motherboards. And the young Executive who wanted to attend a rock concert in Europe alone just for the experience. The list goes on.

These are people who teach us what fun there is in truly experimenting, being a little wild, breaking free from the safety and the expected norms. These are souls who are open minded when it comes to do’s and don’ts. Call them rebels, rule breakers, explorers or trailblazers, we need them on this planet. And that’s exactly what this week’s cards tell us.

If you feel guided to go in a certain direction, then give it a shot. There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind and the course of your life. All you need to do is use your imagination, and your legs:)

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