Only the Universe knows what its doing.

Sometimes surprising us pleasantly. And sometimes throwing a curveball at our plans.

Look deeper and you realise there’s a lesson in there for all of us to learn.

And there’s a reason for the delay, disappointment or the sudden change we need to deal with.

Perhaps it’s to teach us patience, to wait a little longer. Perhaps it’s teaching us courage to persist despite the fear. Perhaps it’s teaching us to be flexible. Not getting stuck in the plans but being open to U Turns, road blocks and traffic jams, and taking another route. Maybe a longer, bumpier one. But a route nonetheless.

This week’s cards give us an idea of what the Universe may be planning. To bend with the winds of change gracefully and without complaint. To change what you can. And to manage what you can’t. To be flexible to whatever Life throws at you. To be open to a totally different point of view. And to realise that flexibility too, is the basis of stability and growth.

Incidentally holiday plans were postponed. Watch this space for updates while I learn to be even more flexible:)

India Today Weekly Horoscope for All Sun Signs

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Mita Bhan 2023