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All over the world, in almost every civilisation a period of time is dedicated to honour those who walked this earth before us. In India it is Pitru Paksha, In Mexico Dia de Los Muertos. In Ghana, Vaduz. Pchum Ben in Cambodia. The Hungry Ghost Festival among the Buddhists and Taoists in South East Asia. And so many many more across the world.

Families hold prayer meets, and prayers are uttered to nourish, protect and support the spirits of ancestors on their journey, clear any hardships on their path and in return ask for their blessings. Ancestor worship is s based on a belief that deceased family members continue to exist in some capacity. Believing that spirits or souls of the deceased have an impact on the lives and luck of the living.  And spiritually too, practices of ancestral healing allows us to release inherited wounds and traumas that may have been passed down in the family clearing our blocks and for the generations after us.

This week’s cards urge us to remember where we came from. To honour and serve our elders, living and departed. And to remember, without them, we wouldn’t be who we are. Every man is his own ancestor, and every man his own heir.

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