“Why let go of yesterday? Because yesterday has already let go of you” Steve Maraboli.

As the days get cooler and the leaves on the trees change colour and fall to the ground, Nature tells us it is time to release, go inwards and renew. For some of us the process of letting go comes naturally. Giving away old possessions. Breaking off from toxic relationships. Moving on from a bad job. Deleting the memories. Throwing away old, outmoded beliefs that drag us down. But for some of us, the process is hard as hell. There is always a moment of struggle before the release. Which can be unbearable. But the tension demands that we release it. And the minute we do so, we are free. And sometimes we wonder, why didn’t we do it earlier.

This week’s cards urge you to clear away what you have to. Declutter. Let go. Throw away. Disconnect. Detox. Say goodbye.

To get ready for the new, we must release the old.

Thank you to all those who people who reached out to me during the past 3 weeks while I was on a break. Many of you got worried and am sorry I didn’t reply, as I did change my SIM card while travelling and didn’t receive the messages. Tarot Readings and Distant Reiki has resumed again.

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