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“I’m bored of being a Software Developer. I want to do something creative”

“My father is a Chartered Accountant, so was my grandfather and two aunts. So I became one, but I dread going to work each day. This is so not me”

“Can I go back to University at this age? I’d really love to do my PHD now but I’m nearly 35 and I worry if I will be too old”

“Now that my son is in college, I want to use my free time to pursue a hobby.”

Ever so often, the Tarot answers the questions of people who are uninspired by what they are doing. Either they are bored, or know deep down they were meant to be doing something else, or they feel the urge to return to formal learning in some way or the other. And almost every single time, the Tarot urges them to listen to their inner voice that’s urging them to move from the space they are in. Why? Because that’s where true growth lies. And that’s where they align themselves with what they were truly meant to be doing.

Study, in all forms only enriches us, it only adds, never takes away. Even if it doesn’t add to your livelihood, it rewards you with a reason for being. Take for the example the CA who wanted to be a guitarist. He knew he’d never earn so much playing gigs, so he opted to work in his father’s CA firm in the day and plays guitar in a band in the weekends, where as he says “I’m in my groove”

This weeks cards urges you to look within and asks what you’d rather be learning, side by side with your work, or full time? And then reminds you that you’re never too old to learn again and to do what your heart has been telling you.

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