Don’t Bottle Up Your Feelings.

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Trying to be strong by repressing emotions is the worst thing we can do for our health. Every emotion we ignore, push back or numb out, finds a way of coming back at us, in the most toxic of ways. By suppressing a painful memory and acting like everything is normal is simply buying time until they re-emerge or make us sick.

I’ve learnt that repressing emotions and bottling them up doesn’t make them disappear, they only make things worse and one fine day, some little thing is going to make them spill over or explode. And if I want to live more fully in the present and embrace the potential of the future, I HAVE to express those old buried feelings.

What’s required is a final goodbye. Crying one last time for something or someone and then never again. Pouring your heart out in a letter. Talking it out. Realising that the memory is the past, and cannot be changed, only released.

Leaving us lighter, freer and a lot more healthier.

Guided Healing Meditations combine energy healing and meditative techniques to help us release old, unwanted baggage that’s preventing us from being our best selves. For more information message me at or 9810138315

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Dealing with Sudden Changes in Life


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Nobody likes sudden changes.


Initially we all put up a fight.

We want the good old ways, or the good old days. But deep down we know it’s not going to happen. It’s either accept, adapt, suffer or struggle.

When 4 fives come out in a single spread, you know it’s no small matter. In the Tarot, fives represent change, challenge, fluctuations of energy and a certain unpredictablity with it. And when reflected in the 4 suits you can be sure the changes are taking place at all levels, globally and personally – at all levels – Professionally, Personally, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually.

The key to change is to not panic or fear. Not all changes are bad. Some serve us wake up calls. And some get us ready for who we were meant to be and what we were meant to become. Take time out to meditate regularly and operate from a place of stillness. Maintain an open mind and go with the flow. And while you’re at it, think of ways to adapt with changing times.

As the great Greek philospher once said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”

Facing sudden changes at your workplace or in your relationships? For more insights on Peaceful Transitions – get in touch for a Tarot Reading or a Guided Healing Meditation, message 9810138315/

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All is One


Bless the hearts of the founders of Salam Balak Trust and all their volunteers for giving love, food, shelter, education and employment to the boys who live in their shelter in New Delhi.

Being a child on the streets of Delhi is no playground.The harshest, roughest neighbourhood brings out a strong, survival instinct, and a certain intelligence that’s a blend of street smart and an intuitive understanding of Life. Raising them right too requires a sensitivity and a firmness inculcating a sense of discipline and eventual purpose.

When I walked in this morning armed with my notes on teaching kids how to manage their anger, I was surprised by their answers. Each one had a particular insight to share.

When asked how do you handle anger, almost all of them spoke of bashing up the bad guy except one. “When I feel angry, I just go to my room and dance” He already knew how to channel the energies of anger.

Guided healing meditations with the boys

When we spoke of breathing techniques and practiced sharp exhales, one boy remarked “I know this, this is kapaalbhaati and it’s good for health” The session continued in dialogue, laughter and shared learnings.

When they closed their eyes in meditation and received hands on healing I understood the real meaning of ‘all is one”

Thank you young souls, may you grow up to be the change our world needs. And heartfelt thanks to my friends and family who support me:)

For more information on the Salam Balak Trust

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Manusya Rin – We cannot take without giving back


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Monks artwork by Rashi Gupta.

According to ancient Hindu Scriptures everyone of us has some sort of karmic debt to clear with each and every one we interact with. We are all born with ‘rin” a debt we need to clear, a lesson we need to learn if we want to live a life of peace. We cannot take without giving back. And those who only take are bound by their selfish karmas for lifetimes.

The path to peace comes from acknowledging our karmic debts with humanity and serving or helping one less fortunate. At a larger level, peace can be attained by giving back to society. Donating a percentage of earnings to charity. And at a day to day level, helping the person next to us. The mere act of doing or giving another brings joy and peace is an indication that our karma is a little clearer and lighter. And we are more aligned with our purpose as being human on earth.

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Red flags are those tiny troubling signals we get about our health, a relationship, an organisation or right before we get scammed. They start off as being tiny little sirens in our head alerting us but how many of us do listen to them?

In fact, most of us ignore them initially. I used to think they were part of my imagination. But they’re not. They’re warning signals your intuition is telling you. And they keep popping up until you listen. And if you don’t (like most of us ) it could lead to heartache, stress. loss or regret. And you end up feeling or saying things like

“I noticed his cruel, disrespectful and rude tone with his mother when we were dating. I thought I’d never hear it. I was wrong. After we married he began talking to me in the same tone”

“She’d hide booze bottles in her wardrobe. I ignored her alcoholism for years until the children started getting affected by her behaviour. I could have helped her earlier.”

“At some point in my interview the CFO asked me if I had any questions about working with us. He couldn’t answer any of my questions. I should have known then that there would be utter confusion ahead”

“When he began sharing his financial worries, I felt it was odd as we’d only just begun chatting online, but as we got closer I lent him some money. Now he blocks my calls”

And then what? We regret, we get angry or sad and when the pain wears off there’s a little voice inside us telling us “Don’t ignore the red flags. They’re there for your own good. Peace out before it gets too much to handle”

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No Guarantees

The wise ones tell us this a thousand times but we still don’t remember until its too late. Things we take for granted get taken. Appreciate the people in your life. Show them, tell them and cherish them. Appreciate all the things in your life you just assume will always be around. Make it a daily practice to count your blessings and be thankful. Appreciation brings more blessings.

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Try loving yourself again


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Give yourself a chance.

Start with getting to know yourself.

Understand ,approve and accept you.

Yes you.

Don’t quit so easily.

Give yourself another chance.

So what if you tried and failed.

Give yourself another chance.

Appreciate how far you’ve come.

How much you have learnt and grown

with every heartbreak.

Now is the time to reclaim yourself.

To commit to starting again one more time.

On a journey to self love where

everything ebbs and flows.

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16 years of gratitude


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When I began learning the Tarot way back in 1998 I never thought I’d go professional until a friend suggested it to me. It took me 5 years to feel I knew enough about the 78 Tarot card meanings and spreads to start my own practice and in August 2003, I took the leap. At first I thought, “ok let me try it out for a year”

16 years have passed and I still am trying it out:) Learning as I go along from books, from courses and most of all from all the wonderful souls who have turned to my deck for answers. And have supported and encouraged me down the years. As a token of gratitude, I’ve got a few surprises lined up for all of you who take out the time to come to me at my office in Gurgaon or opt for telephonic readings this month.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you:)

For appointments message me on

Peace and Blessings

Mita Bhan

Ever met an angel in disguise?



Lamp from Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Every now and then someone up there sends me someone so divine to meet for half an hour, or even half a minute and my life is transformed forever. Random people – clients, patients,neighbors, acquaintances…. – old, young, male, female – people who are just so likeable. Soooooo likeable. They have a glow around them. A certain purity. A rare ability to stay for long periods of time in the present moment. And a certain magical air about them.

Whenever I do get blessed by the presence of these souls, or they help me just when I need them, I thank and ask God to bless them for their ability to spread happiness. What’s even more beautiful is some of them don’t even know they have such a lovely gift. Such people are angels in disguise.

Think of the angels who you’ve met. Thank them:) And pray there be many more such angels in disguise on our planet. We could all do with a few more, don’t you think?:)

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Why are you holding on?



Image courtesy Oracle Deck by Sonia Choquette

Of course it will hurt.

Your pain is real and justified.

He used you. She lied to you. They ignored you.

And they’ll never know how much pain you felt.

Only you will.

Because you’re still holding on to the memory

while they carry on with their lives.

And you have no choice but to let go.

Hard as it may seem, it’s necessary.

Easy to say, hard to do.

But once done, you’re free.

To move on and embrace a new path.

Try it. Let go a little at a time. Or let it all go.

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