5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Meditate


“I just can’t meditate”

“My mind doesnt stop”

“I feel restless and uncomfortable”

“After a point, I feel scared”

“I tried meditating and then I gave up.”

If these phrases sound familiar then you are not alone. Why does this happen?

  1. Your intention to meditation is not defined. Don’t meditate because your friend told you to or you read it was a great way to beat anxiety. Meditate because you want to.
  2. Your expectations are way too high. You cannot experience a state of permanent bliss and concentrate for 18 hours a day – not only is it impossible if you are working, are married or have children, it is a state achieved by those who have been meditating for decades. But when you slow down and take out just a few minutes each day for quiet reflection you will slowly begin to find that peace.
  3. You’re pressurising yourself to find peace. You can’t find quiet if you are shouting inside. Meditation is not a rigorous ‘must do, must get” experience, it’s a state of being, learning to let go and to be present.
  4. You want instant results. Your anxiety, your past, your hurts are not going to dissolve away immediately. Meditation means taking out a little time for yourself everyday, without keeping score, without comparing. Just look it like pouring a little positive energy inside yourself every day.
  5. Too many distractions. Make a quiet time for meditation each day and do keep the phone off and remind the kids not to interrupt you. When there are too many distractions, meditation becomes impossible and probably the most popular reason why people quit.

Remember meditation is all about releasing the pressure and there should be no stress around it. If you’re forcing yourself to close your eyes and focus on your breath while feeling restless and cranky sitting in the same pose, then it may be time for you to try another form of meditation, or try at another time. And yes, initially it is a struggle but if you are patient and persistent, the results are truly wonderful.


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August 2018 Tarot Forecast





A battle of wills. Two equally strong minded people on either side of the fence. Who’s going to win. You or him? Point is not to show aggression but to assert yourself. Arm yourself with all the facts. Knowledge is power. And you may have to prove just how you much you know in the days ahead. Even in your relationships, there may be powergames or you may act stubborn and defiant where your better half is concerned. Get over petty ego issues. It’s time to learn the art of compromise especially when it comes to our loved ones.





Something owed to you is held back. You may feel taken for granted. Or may not receive what is due to you. Examine all options and if asking for it is not working then consider a shift. Coworkers may annoy you with their petty concerns. And family members may get your goat with their ways. Remember its not them who’s going to change. It’s you. See what you can do to improve tolerance levels. Avoid stepping into the malls and markets, you may end up buying something you may regret later.




A new chapter begins. One in which you’re more grounded, practical and even more competent than before. You may demonstrate your skills before a wider audience. Or may be required to travel at a moments notice. People are beginning to talk about you. And if you’ve always been shying the spotlight, this time you may have no choice but to step into the light. Learn to receive the compliments that are coming your way. No one really knows how shy you are deep down. And they don’t really need to know either. Just keep smiling and shining. Things are only getting better.




You may find yourself more sensitive to the energies around you. Your creative side needs expression. And your moods may swing from confusion one moment to absolute joy the other. Singles may encounter romance, or a light hearted flirtation that has the potential to turn into a memorable affair. If upset with someone, the cards urge you to learn the power of forgiveness. Work matters run smoothly and if you were planning to invest this month may see the beginnings of greater prosperity coming your way.





A decision needs to be made. Use logic and facts to help you. Find the whole truth in the matter and see where you may have gone wrong in case of a misunderstanding or a dispute. Try not to be too judgemental of your coworkers, they’re human too and are fighting their own battles. Delays surround matters concerning legal cases and debts. Prepare to be patient. And use this time for research, analysis and fact finding. A charming, diplomatic admirer may soon come your way.




Something needs to change. Could it be you? Your job? Your relationship or your atitude? And if you resist it, the change could take place suddenly out of the blue where you will have very little control. For a few moments it may feel like total chaos, but beneath the madness something new and positive is emerging. Try not to over react to unexpected challenges, instead seek the hidden blessings. In the long run you will be thankful for the upheaval that may be ahead.




A message comes your way to stay open to the world around you. New opportunies may be coming your way, either professionally or personally. You may be full of ideas and it’s time to note them all down before you forget. Optimistic and raring to go, others will sense your renewed energies. And if you were planning to take a chance, go for it. A good time for travel and higher studies. Why not enrol for the weekend workshop? Or disappear for a trek? The cards promise adventure, excitement and success.




You’re tired and it’s beginning to show. Could it be because you’re doing the same old thing every single day, or could it be because you are allowing your own self to stagnate. What you need is a break. Rest, recuperate and recharge your energies. If you’ve been unable to come up with a solution to a problem, perhaps it’s time to look at your own limitations and see how you can change from within. Expect delays in work related matters. And if you’ve been waiting to change jobs, it may take a little longer.





Whatever you’re afraid of is not coming true. Quit worrying about the uncontrollables and realise that this phase is simply a test. Face your fears head on, how would you behave if your fear came true? Work on your courage. In personal matters a third party may interfere and cause trouble. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself realise it’s time to stand up for yourself and fight for what’s worth fighting for. No point running around in circles is there?





Clarity after confusion. Breathe a sigh of relief as a problem gets resolved. Find the truth to a situation and feel liberated. The cards promise liberation and freedom from something that once troubled you. A good time to roll up your sleeves and finish all pending jobs and chores. It may appear like an endless task, but once you get going, things will happen in no time. An old friend may seek you out for advice. A social gathering or party may be a good time to rejuvenate yourself and remember at the end of the day it’s our loved ones who really, truly matter the most.




A part of you doesn’t want to see the truth. You may be imagining something about someone. Separate fantasy from illusion. Take a reality check. And concentrate only on what’s clear and essential. Your sleep may be restless or disturbed because you’re thinking too much. Yoga, meditation, massage may be good to calm your nerves, especially if you’ve been a little scattered of late. If you’ve been confused about a special someone in your life, trust your intuition, or better still ask your mother what she feels about him or her. Remember, mothers do know best!




You’re entering into a new cycle of life. A part of you has grown up. And a part of you has seen the world in a new light. Prepare for a new phase where opportunities for growth and learning open up in a myriad of ways. Lady Luck smiles upon you and you may just get that job you’ve been eyeing. Married couples hit the jackpot or can look forward a sudden windfall. Singles enjoy a period of great popularity and attention. You’re shining now, enjoy it while it lasts!



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Memories of De Schaduwkade – Lest We Forget.


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For so many years my shadow floated by on the tiny waves


For you to return

Remembering your words promising to not forget me

Or all of us here

Who lived and breathed

and walked this road

and laughed

and cried

Until we heard only Silence

Each night our souls whirled around on the tips of the dark green water peering over the shoulders  of the waves

Waiting for their special someone to return,

And for me, it was you.


You came.

All thirteen years of you standing there with your parents.

When I heard your voice read out my name aloud

I cried into the water

And soon we were all floating on the tearful waves

listening to your sweet shrill Indian accent

Reading  aloud each and every one of our names

You didn’t forget

You returned

And while the other shadows have drifted to sleep I shall float along

these deep green waves waiting

For you to return with your wife and children.

—-Lest We Forget——-


While exploring the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam on a family vacation  my son  felt compelled to walk down the quiet road by the canal in Nieuwe Keizersgracht. He ran up to the plaques on the banks of the canal and called  out to us to see and hear him say out the names out loud individually while he folded his hands in prayer.  We discovered we were at  the Schaduwwade memorial listing names on the plaques opposite their homes of more than 200  Jewish residents of Nieuwe Keizersgracht who were killed during WW2 . And thank God for sending us a reminder to never forget.







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Old Soul Gold Soul


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Old souls have seen many lifetimes.

And have lived on land and sea,

Old souls understand Life more

the sadness, the anger  the grief

Fancy cars, Designer Labels, Tech trends

And the Ladder

Isn’t of much importance

Old souls want just one thing

And that’s never to be reborn

Human existence just tires them

From being here too long

Their souls cry to mingle with a myriad of  lights

Sprinkling sparkling coloured beams

Somewhere beyond the night.

So how do you tell an old soul?

Just look into their eyes.

If you see the deep deep ocean

Or a teardrop that stays

You know you’ve met an old gold soul

Who’s waiting for a flight.

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The following forecast is based on the Sun signs.



The faster you learn to get along with some difficult people in your team the better things get. Not everyone thinks the way you do. And not everyone is as straight and to the point either. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Professionally this is a great time to reach out to new markets, business partnerships. Networks are opening their doors in front of you. Long term gains are possible but only if you are patient. A chance conversation with a coworker may lead to a short office romance. Take care of your skin if outdoors a lot.




The more you give, the more you get. And you have never held back in your relationships nor your life. The Universe showers blessings your way for all the times you helped someone in need selflessly.  Communication issues are highlighted be it in the communications industry or a meaningful conversation with a loved one. People notice you more now and if single, this is a great month to meet new people. Married couples strengthen their bonds.  Just remember to not splurge too much on unnecessary things




Memories from the past are suddenly reawakened. Someone from a long time ago reconnects. Or you are suddenly reminded of a time in your life when things were simpler and sweeter.  You may find yourself drawn to creative pursuits like singing or dancing or listening to music from the past. A good month to sort out any differences, misunderstandings with people or clear the papers that are piling on your desk., you will find the energies quite liberating. Travel plans go smoothly. And financially things appear sorted and stable. Don’t ignore your mission to lead a healthy lifestyle.




Step outside your comfort zone. Dare to do something different. Be a little bold. Tell the person you admire what you feel for them. Take up a new hobby. Go on an adventure. The cards urge you to tap into your potential and realise you are greater than you think you are. Don’t let self doubt destroy your dreams. At the workplace be a little more assertive and take back control. In relationships if you feel you’ve been taken for granted, speak out or step back. This is the month for initiating change in your life. And the faster you do it, the better the month will be. Watch out for too many late nights.






Your month may see you preoccupied with domestic chores or dealing with all kinds of repairs and renovations. Prepare for sudden expenses that may suddenly throw you off gear. Avoid lending money if you are not sure of the borrower’s intentions to return it.  At work, an alternative option may need to be carved out as an existing plan falls through. A sudden change in partnerships could leave you looking at your future differently. Any form of alternative therapy or meditation will bring positive results.  Steer clear of people who judge and criticise, you don’t need them in your life.






Temper temper dear Virgo. People will come to test your control and calm. If you find yourself stressing a little too much, take a break. Work matters need a detached and professional attitude. Holding on to the old ways will only  lead to resistance. Things are changing around you and the more you resist, the more annoyed you will be.  Family members could wear you out so do set boundaries. Watch out for a skin rash or ailment that could point to an allergy. Money matters continue smoothly and you may think of investing in property. Remember to give attention to a charitable cause.





The reason you are stuck where you are is because Life is asking you to take a risk. You may be at the crossroads or may be holding back on making an important decision out of fear. Face whatever scares you and take the big leap. You won’t regret it. Long term gains are indicated. A lucky period for self employed Librans, your ideas will be appreciated and people you met months ago will suddenly reappear. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Singles can find themselves choosing between two or more attractive options. One tip, listen to your heart.




Teamwork is highlighted this month.  Greater success is assured if you work in a group . Share credit where it’s due. Focus on long term goals. Tolerate different viewpoints. And then, look forward to a long period of reward of recognition. Family matters run smoothly and a reunion promises a lot of shared laughter. Remember you can not undo the past, you can only make the most of the present moment. Enjoy good health and happiness.




Balance and harmony will be restored but only after a short phase of delays, a sudden change of plans and unexpected expenses. Stay calm and this phase will pass. Money matters get resolved and negotiations run smoothly and in your favour. Your mind is at its sharpest and nothing escapes your notice. A great time for those appearing for interviews, your confidence will make you stand out. One note of caution, in your quest to be right all the time, be careful you don’t hurt people’s feelings.




You may not feel like being your normal sociable self this month. And you would prefer to seek some quiet time to recharge and renew. Keep away from petty politics, drama and gossip and concentrate only on the positive. A misunderstanding could turn into a cold war if you’re not careful with your words. And an old friend shows their true colours.  Money that was owed to you will be returned and an investment begins to show promise. Be generous but don’t allow yourself to get used.




Never say never dear Aquarian. Time to open up your mind and look at things from another person’s point of view. A short trip could be just the kind of change you need. Wedding bells begin to ring for many and you may find yourself wondering whether you too will tie the knot soon. A good month for making favourable impressions on your bosses and your clients. Going that extra mile for someone brings good luck. Try not to overspend on things you really don’t need. And do take care of your health if you’re prone to seasonal allergies.




Don’t be in such a hurry to get things done. Slow down, smell the coffee, learn to be mindful of the simple and beautiful blessings in your life. In personal and professional interactions, speak out more and let your voice and opinion be heard. You have a lot to share with the world and this is the month to start. Those in the entertainment business or media will receive public attention.  Begin a blog, share your views or take up a cause.  One word of caution – Organise your paperwork, an important document go missing due to carelessness.

Staying Positive in Negative Times

It’s so easy to get swept up by other people’s negativity. Watching the news on TV only worsens it. You end up feeling bitter and helpless at what’s happening in this world. In moments like this, make it a point to to try to stay positive. It’s hard but it’s do-able. And if you find yourself slipping into a mode of complaints, anger, sadness, get up and try again. Positive energy is worth fighting for and hanging on to.




If a woman speaks and no one listens, she’s the mom.


, ,

Q : My daughter doesn’t listen to me.

I’ve been telling her what to do and now she’s got herself a job in another city

And all she’s done since she’s reached there is complain about the people and then shout at me.

Why is she suffering?



A :  She’s learning the lesson of Tolerance and Patience.  What you’ve been telling her for the past 25 years to learn, Life will teach her in minutes.

Q : I always tell her to get along with all kinds of people , to overlook differences, to be respectful of another’s culture or religion, to just hang in there and understand the way they communicate before jumping to conclusions. Still, all she does is criticise and complain and sulk around people.

A : It’s her lesson. Not yours. You’ve done your best.  Just let go.

(one second later)

Q: I was wondering now that the kids are grown up, if I should go on that cruise I was reading about. A few of my friends are planning to travel in a couple of months…..


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Feeling Overwhelmed?


You’re doing too many things at once and everything is important. What happens? You’re putting your mind and body under stress and if you’re not feeling it in your body (rapid heartbeat, shoulder pain) you’re expressing it (irritability, fears of not being able to complete things on time) Whatever is happening is happening and you cannot take your mind off the discomfort. Being overwhelmed is part of anxiety and can be easily controlled before it gets too much to handle.

Here how:-

1. Accept that you have tons to do. Make a list. Calmly tell yourself to focus on the priority items.

2. Take deep breaths, knowing that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way, calmly and efficiently. Meditate with self belief.

3. Exercise.  The best way to release endorphins and declutter your brain.

4. Distract yourself temporarily, do something to relax yourself – listen to music, talk to a friend, have a long bath.

5. Healing crystals like Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and even Black tourmaline help soothe and ground you – they can be worn as jewellery or held in your palm while meditating or breathing deeply. Remember to wash your healing crystals after every use.

6. Say no to the time wasters and unecessary demands put on you. Setting boundaries allows you to focus on yourself and bringing back that calm.

Remember feeling overwhelmed is only a temporary state. It will pass.


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Are you migrating?

six of swords

Images of 6 of Swords from the Fountain Tarot and the River Styx Tarot.

Many souls do not feel at home in their country of origin. And yearn constantly to be  to be somewhere else. By the sea. On a mountain. Near a river. In a different city. The locations may vary but the feeling stays the same. These are the souls who ask the Tarot if they were destined to migrate.

Another set of souls have begun to feel disenchanted by their country of origin. The struggle gets too much. And there is a constant wanting for a more organised life, more spending power, better climate and more advanced systems.  Of these, I find there are souls who act upon their yearning and take the necessary steps towards the realisation of their dream. They would have met immigration lawyers or begun the process of application. And their questions to the Tarot usually revolve around possible time frames, future job prospects and financial security. And the second set who don’t like their current life, want to leave the country but take no steps in this direction  or have had their applications rejected and ask questions related to “Will I ever leave this country?”

And finally there are a few souls who end up in another country due to circumstances they never envisaged. A marriage proposal. The transfer of a spouse. Grown up children who have settled in other countries. Before they even realise it, they’ve moved to another home far away. And they learn to adapt and accept the changes that surround them. Their hearts and warmest connections remain rooted to their homeland and their questions revolve around the wellbeing of their family far away.

If there is one card in the deck of Tarot which answers the question of migration it’s the 6 of Swords.  The card of voyages, passages, moving to a new set of circumstances and leaving the past behind. And if it doesn’t appear it doesn’t mean the querent is not relocating, it just means there are karmic lessons to be learnt and business that remains unfinished. Or the energies aren’t quite right for you to know the answer at the time of the reading.

Find out if there’s migration in your cards, get in touch with an exclusive reading. Write to me at mita.bhan@gmail.com for details.


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