February Tarot Forecast 2019 for all Sun Signs


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In your enthusiasm to do something different, you may start off with a bang but run out of steam half way. The cards remind you to stick with the process until the end. Success is yours but first you need to complete all those unfinished projects and ideas you’ve got buzzing around your head. A short and sweet encounter with an interesting person may leave you yearning for something more stable and committed.


So much to do so little time. You may find yourself stretched and pulled in different directions. Learn to prioritise and say no to the time wasters. A lot can be achieved in the days ahead as long as you stay focused and calm. In matters of the heart, someone may pressure you to make a commitment, if you still aren’t ready, be honest and ask for more time. Married souls may feel overworked and underappreciated. Ask for help when you need it.


Your worries about money matters need a reality check. Things are not as bad as you think they are. And a little more caution is required with the way you’ve been spending lately. Tighten your purse strings and learn to budget your resources and time. A friend may need your advice. And your spouse may continue to be on his own trip. Hold on tightly to him and he may rebel, just give him his space and know he will come home when he’s ready.


Expect a surge of activity in work and business matters. Your money situation begins to get better and better. And you may even buy something you thought you couldn’t afford earlier. A new job promises financial gains and a chance to show case your skills. If single, you may find yourself getting quite a bit of attention. Enjoy this phase, just don’t get carried away by your impulses that’s all.


Travel may be necessary this month. Or you may find yourself making a number of short trips for some work. Bureaucracy and red tape may get frustrating at times, but just hang in there. Don’t get bogged down by the demands on you. Learn to operate in a new way and develop more strength of will. An unpleasant confrontation with a family member or a friend will get resolved. And if you were planning to buy that home or car you’ve been eyeing for a while. Know that it will happen.


Someone or something may inspire you and give you new hope in your life and affairs. Things are working out in your favour. Just have faith. And know things will get better with time. A good period to do something for your soul, you may like to try alternative healing, or enroll in some classes which uplift your soul. Pay attention to what is not being said to you. Financial gains are indicated, and more is ahead.


As long as you keep believing in yourself you know that nothing and nobody can stop you from living your dream. There will be challenges and obstacles but remember they’re not here to defeat you, merely to test your resolve. People around you will be friendly and supportive and you may get unexpected news or assistance. In terms of your personal life, single Librans may get wooed by a younger admirer. Enjoy the attention, you deserve it.


A critical period has begun for you professionally. You may meet some important contacts or be involved in high level discussions. Open your mind to different points of view and know that all these experiences are going to add to your success later on. Just remember to address your emotional side as well. Shutting out your feelings to loved ones may help you focus on work better but it’s not helping the relationship is it? Work for a balance in your life.


Trying to control a situation or mould another’s opinion can only work to a point. Ultimately we are all free to do as we please and the harder you try to make things go in your favour, the more shocks you may encounter. Someone may openly rebel in the days ahead. Or your advice could be completely ignored. Don’t get hurt by what’s happened. Detach yourself and realize you did your best. And then just let go.


Ignore your critics and let nothing distract you from your course of action. You’re being watched but don’t get overwhelmed by attention. Straighten out your affairs, and refuse to accept anything that’s mediocre. In the home front, a family member may be a bit too critical for your liking. Remember it could be their insecurities which make them speak this way. A lucky period is ahead of you in negotiations, property and money matters.


You may find yourself at the crossroads again. Before you make any hasty decisions, take the advice of someone you can trust. It could be about your job or your life partner. Think things through and remember at the end of the day it’s your life. Pay a little more attention to all documentation and paperwork. Double check everything for errors. You may miss a special someone and if things go well, expect a pleasant surprise in matters of the heart.


The situation appears a little murky. People may behave in a suspicious manner. And you may feel as if you’re not part of the latest plot. Don’t try too hard to get to the answers, just stay honest with yourself and focus on what’s on your plate. A lot can be accomplished this month if you stay detached. A social outing may lead to an encounter with a very unusual or striking soul. Remember he or she may promise more than he can deliver. Take everything that’s being said with a pinch of salt.

Mita Bhan

Lucky or Unlucky with the Wheel of Fortune


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The Wheel Turns in Your Favour

The wise ones have told us that no phase of life lasts. Even the toughest of times have to be replaced by a period of pure good energy.  A slow and dull time is always replaced by a hectic phase that sometimes catches us off guard. A good time does appear. A time when the unemployed find jobs, the lonely find love , the broke get money and the disappointed receive pleasant surprises. These phases can be a brief incident or a series of positive experiences that gradually unfolds in our lives and it can also be described as a feeling of unexplained optimisim. Something good is about to happen and it will. It may not last very long but it will be a welcome relief.

In Tarot this phase of the soul’s journey is perfectly described by the appearance of the upright Wheel of Fortune, a truly special card. The tenth card in the Major Arcana it describes the path of the Sun across the sky, revealing how Life is constantly in motion. Some readers call it fate, others call it destiny while many just say it’s a time when Lady Luck is smiling down at you and only you.  Something good has been put in motion in your life and it’s time to grab the opportunities taking full advantage of its breath of pure, positive energy.

Visually most Tarot decks depict the wheel with human and mythical symbols attached to it revealing that no being spared the wheels of time and karma. Some cards depict people with different emotions like joy, sorrow, anger etc on the 8 spokes of the wheel.  

Not a very common card to receive in a Tarot session, most readers will smile upon seeing it in an upright position and proceed to answer in affirmatives with the most positive outcomes. If it does come reversed, slowdowns or disappointments may be seen depending on the question asked. Special attention is always given to the Wheel of Fortune, a card that is indeed significant and memorable and many Tarot readers have expressed a shift of energies during a session, describing how the advent of the card made the reading lighter and happier.

However since a Tarot session is dependent on your question and based on the time of a reading, the meaning of the upright Wheel of Fortune alters with the kind of question you ask.

Here are a few general examples of differing meanings with differing questions.

If it’s a general forecast for the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or even few years the Wheel of Fortune appears as a good omen. Things are moving in your favour and luck favours you.

If the question is related to a new love interest, this Major Arcana card reveals destiny is at play, the both of you were meant to fall in love and an energy as strong as love can never be resisted or controlled. We must fall in love.

Job seekers find an affirmative to their queries of finding employment. Energies start moving in your favour. If you’ve applied for multiple jobs and haven’t heard from the company you can be sure they will wake up and call you.

If the reading is about potential business ideas the Wheel of Fortune foretells profitability and a lucky start.

In spiritual questions the appearance of this card reveals blessings from the Universe and a nudge towards what you were born to do in this lifetime.

And if the question about health related matters, the card comes as a welcome relief indicating recuperation and recovery. Good health is restored but with a lesson to be more conscious of your health.

Whatever be the question or situation, the upright Wheel of Fortune reminds us that opportunity never knocks twice. Don’t get too complacent, thinking the good times will always last. Make sure you maximise the potential of this whiff of positivity while it’s around. Remember, the wheels of time are in constant motion and the wise ones were correct when they told us never to take the good times for granted. Even good luck comes with an expiry date!

Mita Bhan.

This article first appeared on Astroyogi.com in January 2019

The Real You – A Short Story




Ranterella was in one of her moods again.

You’ll know what I mean when you hear her.

It begins with the bitter tone

And ends up in her shouting expletives.

Who left the door open?

Why did you go there?

What is wrong with people!

She stomped out with her headphones in the dark.

And  literally stumbled over a monk sitting on the grass.

“What are you doing here!!!” Ranterella screamed.

The monk smiled.

“Why are you blocking my way you stupid man. Get up!”

He listened to her intently, nodding away at her words.

Made Ranterella even more angry. She brought her face really close to his.

“Don’t you understand me?”

“Yes I do. Which is why I’m moving to the other end of the park.  Bye


A little while later he heard footsteps and a softer voice ask him,

“What did you understand about me?”

The Monk knew the answer.


She knew he understood.

And sat down next to him and  wept.

For everything she wanted from Life but did’nt get

For every single person who lied to her and betrayed her.

For the man who cheated her.

For the father who did not stand up for her.

For the Boss who played with her.

For the daughter who told her other people’s mommies don’t shout.

For the Knight in the Shining Armour who galloped away.


“I know I know all this Buddhist stuff. Everybody’s going on about self love. La la la. ” she mocked.

The monk got up, dusted his robes and went towards the Neroli bush.

See this flower. He pointed to tiny pointed luminous petals.

She rolled her eyes.  Maybe she should plug in the headphones. And walk away from this weird old man.

But her gaze fell on that flower.

And instead of petals, she saw her own reflection.

A tiny mirror stared back at her.

She was shocked.


The monk suppressed his laughter. People always look so comical when they’re shocked.

Her reflection showed a young teenaged girl lying on the grass with a book.

Except she wasn’t reading.

She was dreaming about her true love.

She blinked hard. And the flower just disappeared into the night.

“What kind of trick is that?”

The monk stifled a yawn. It had been a long day. “No trick, that’s the real you”

Mita Bhan

Originally published in penmancy.com

This spiritual story was originally published  by Penmancy.com https://penmancy.com/the-real-you/?fbclid=IwAR1_48Ay3pCyDidKA2zehR7CJNjcAHJIdFTVVmmlynP3gStVIWQxAEi5SWo

Meditation Symbols. The Falls



To see a waterfall or the Niagara Falls in particular during meditation means you are coming one level closer to you. As you go inwards you learn to befriend your essential self. Waterfalls a symbolise the letting go of a layer of emotion or conditioning that’s been holding you back. Sometimes the meditation is followed by an emotional release. When you let go of the pain, you learn to live again.

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Meditation Symbols – Cliff


Image by Zack Frank, http://www.shutterstock.com

To see a cliff during meditation overlooking the trees and mountains reveals you have reached a deeper level of awareness and understanding. Certain life lessons have been learnt and you are now able to look at everything and choose your next step. Don’t underestimate your abilities.

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January 2019 Tarot Forecast



Your mind is sharper than ever and you will find creative ways to increase your income. Luck favours the consultants, the self employed and the freelancers. Job seekers may need to be a bit more patient before the right opportunity arises. Be patient with friends and family. Don’t let your ambition make you insensitive. A good month to sort out pending paperwork and gear up for some major changes ahead this year.


One of the reasons you are tired is because you are doing more for others than for yourself.  Step back, reassess and honour your needs first.Bring things back into balance. Delegate, set boundaries and learn to say No more often.  Professional and business opportunities start coming in but practice discernment. Not every opportunity is as lucrative as it appears.  An old friend could reconnect with you to discuss an urgent matter. And an old ailment may require treatment. A new subject could pique your interest and you may find yourself studying again.


Your success can only be achieved if you learn how to let go. With so many fingers in so many pies, you may need to refocus on the essential and the important. Don’t expect others to respond quickly and don’t assume they don’t want you either. Just hold still and things will fall into place but only after a few weeks. A great month for building up your fitness levels and trying out a new diet, the cards promise desired results, but only after, you guessed it!, a little patience. Money matters run smoothly and the promise of gains may tempt you to spending more than you can afford.


Confidence levels soar as you begin to get recognised and appreciated for all that you have done and all that you are. Work matters see you on the top of your game and you may consider asking for a raise or a promotion which you definetely deserve. Lady Luck smiles on students and job seekers so do take advantage of the positive energies. One warning, don’t get too complacent. Lucky phases don’t last forever! In the home front you may plan renovations and even a move. A good month to sort out finances.


If you’re feeling blocked or surrounded by too many obstacles don’t fret, take a step back and analyse. You may need to give up on a path that’s leading nowhere or change your strategy altogether. Expect delays in money matters. People who owe you money may avoid your reminders or avoid you. Time to be as self reliant as possible and not get too bogged down by stress. However on the personal front, a reunion of old friends will uplift your spirits. A sudden meeting could lead to romance. If married your spouse may bring you a wonderful surprise.


Karma is at play again. If people around start behaving differently ask yourself what you may have done or said to cause it. Your ideas may be opposed or blocked and if you think hard enough you may very well be the reason why it’s happening. Stop focusing on personal gains so much and see things for the greater good. Your success will depend on how well you get along with others. A good month to let go of bad habits. Your willpower will be strong. Just exercise a little restraint.


It’s good to be generous but too much giving is not necessarily a good thing. You may discover someone has been taking advantage of your kind heart. Or stealing credit for your hard work. Reclaim your power and set boundaries about how much you are willing to give. On the personal front you may meet a lot of new people and even someone special. Tiny warning, don’t go overboard with your affections. Financially a lucky phase begins for you and the following months witnesses gains and growth. Seek out a mentor or a career consultant if you’re unsure about your professional path.


Changes have begun taking place within you and around you. Some you will notice,others will be pointed out to you. Resist and suffer. Adapt and flourish. Learn to listen to what others are saying with their actions. Take more care of your health. Someone from your past may reconnect for one final hello and goodbye. A good month to declutter and organise your possessions. Leaving important things till the last minute will only increase anxiety and frustration. Meditation will be highly beneficial.


This month sees you tying up loose ends,completing pending chores and wrapping up unfinished business. Not only will you be busy you will be proving to the world just how valuable you are. Increments and promotions promised to you will come your way in the following months. And if you’re looking for a job change expect some pleasant surprises. Students who’s work hard can expect good results. Your mind and your health is sharp and plans for a holiday later this year will be put in place.


The clearer your goals, the more defined will be your path. A new chapter has begun in your life personally and professionally so make sure you take full advantage of the positive energies that surround you. Don’t procrastinate and don’t waste time on the past. January also focusses on new partnerships both business and personal. Singles may find themselves closer to wedding bells. Married couples can expect an addition in the family. One warning, everything depends on the amount of effort you put in.


Plans and choices take centre stage this month as you spend the following days making important decisions that could impact your future life. Make sure you double check any document you sign and read the fine print. Higher education is favoured and if you’ve been wanting to take a break to study you may just do it. If abundance is what you are after, look around you and start by acknowledging and appreciating what you already have. Don’t be careless with money and possessions.


Follow your passion. Listen to what makes your heart sing. Pay attention to the joyful inner voice within you. You could be enroute to some amazing experiences or could even fall in love with someone or something. Spiritual pursuits will bring peace as well as alternative healing aides. Spending more time outdoors or participating in sports will recharge your spirits. Overall a lucky month – just remember to listen to your instincts,

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General 2019 Tarot Forecast for all SunSigns




2019 is your defining year. Everything you once thought to be true will be challenged. Old beliefs, old attitudes, old relationships, old connections will be suddenly replaced by a new order. Initially it may come as a shock but if your systems are in place there’s nothing to fear or worry about.  Expect chaos, excitement and a realisation that things can never be quite the same again. The Universe wants you to be true to yourself and this wake up year could find you thinking and behaving quite differently to the past.

Good news could come your way by way of a promotion, engagement or the birth of a new child or a business idea. Socially you will find yourself meeting new people and perhaps, even connecting with a few like minded souls. If in the past you felt isolated or misunderstood, the cards foretell you will find your tribe or connections who will feel like family. A great year to take charge of something you’ve been neglecting. Could it be your health? Or a business idea that you never found time for? Or even your paperwork that’s been piling up. Remember the more organised you are, the more stress free things will be. Financially you may make a few changes in your saving and spending habits and look forward to significant gains in the months ahead. A year of exciting changes. All good in the long run. Just buckle up and keep your eyes open for sudden opportunities and developments.

Lucky Colour – Orange

Lucky Crystal – Carnelian


Are your bags packed? Expect to travel at a moment’s notice this year. Either for work or for pleasure. 2019 promises to open your mind to new experiences like no other. A wonderful year for students and those wishing to upgrade their skills, the cards urge you to bring out the books and brush up your knowledge. The rewards, will follow. Young people will dominate your life and bring you a sense of joy and freedom of living in the moment. Relationships will be tested for maturity though. So if you or your significant other have been behaving immaturely, Life will expect you to grow up at a moment’s notice. The more you respond to sudden developments and not react, the more peaceful will be the outcome.

The second half of the year promises greater growth and stability professionally and in money matters. Your sense of self discipline and your ability to work according to tight deadlines and structures will be on display so prepare to pull up your socks, straighten your tie and show them your best self. Singles may find themselves closer to finding their life partner and some of you may exchange vows or opt to take your relationship to a more committed level. If there’s anything to watch out for, it’s to curb your tendency to be impulsive at times. One word spoken without thinking or a sudden purchase could lead to regret.

Lucky Colour Green Lucky Crystal Aventurine


Personal freedom is your keyword in 2019. You may do whatever is in your power to be even more independent and self reliant. Holding on to old ideas, old ways of thinking, old objects will only weigh you down. The more you let go the better you will feel. Even your space will become a priority and the months ahead may find you decluttering, redesigning, donating old things and living minimally.

Business people may take a few calculated risks. And job seekers may change in industries or even job profiles in this period. The cards favour the risk takers and promise long term rewards but only after you learn a bit of patience. If you love being the centre of attention then expect a number of opportunities for you to shine. Singles may find themselves with more than one admirer and you will use social media to express yourself even more.  Financially a year of moderate gains but promises of great rewards in the long run. Patience does pay. One tip, if you want to make a difference to this planet, take up a cause you feel passionate about and do your bit. Elders will shower you with blessings.

Lucky Colour Silver

Lucky Crystal Hematite


Your life is in your hands. And the cards foretell life changing choices ahead of you. Perhaps you’ve been procastinating on an important decision. Or ignoring something very important. 2019 will see you confront whatever it is that you are avoiding and making an important choice. Relationships will go through a period of upheaval. Someone close to you may reveal their true colours. Or a long standing connection could suddenly go cold. Holding on out of habit will only bring in disappointments. Avoiding confrontations only prolongs the suffering and you will realise that peace of mind is more precious than anything else in the world.

At the workplace sudden changes could make you question your decision to stay on. Job changes will happen for the better but only after you clear your karmic ties. Business owners may feel its time to bring something new to the market. A good year for research and planning, finances remain stable. If there’s anything you need to take care of, it’s stress related ailments. Make sure you take time out to relax consciously. Your body will need to frequently recharge.

Lucky Colour Deep Blue

Lucky Crystal Iolite


One of the keys to success is hard work. And 2019 sees you doing just that. Though there will be setbacks on the way, sudden delays and disappointments, your determination will ensure that you meet your goals.  Success is yours but only after a bit of blood, sweat and tears. Relationships too, will require extra effort. Communicate more with your spouse or friends. Sharing brings intimacy. If single, a special someone from your past may reconnect. But would you be just interested now as you were then? Time will tell.

Mid year things definetely speed up. Projects get completed. Plans finalise. And much awaited payments do come in. Dont neglect your health, symptoms may not go away by ignoring them. Learning meditation or Yoga will be highly beneficial and if you’re on a diet or a new exercise regime, results will be slow but extremely positive. Don’t give up.

Lucky Colour Mustard

Lucky Crystal Chalcedony


You’re a self made achiever. You’ve come this far because you figured out nobody’s going to help you. And what better year to celebrate your success than 2019. You’ve arrived at the end of the circle and a new one begins. How are you going to make the next chapter even more enriching for yourself? What can you do to make the world a better place?

A wonderful year for reassessing how far you have come and where you want to go. Restructuring and realignment may take place at the workplace which promises greater efficiency and productivity. New friendships are favoured in this period so try getting out more and meeting new people. A lovely year to renew vows with your significant other. and if you’re planning to tie the knot the end of 2019 promises wedding bells and engagements. One warning, in your quest to be perfect at work you may be neglecting your health. Bring some of your dedication to your diet or exercise and see the compliments coming your way.

Lucky colour Pink

Lucky Crystal Rose Quartz


2019 foretells a period of  intense movement and change. If you’ve been struggling with something in the past, or have been frustrated by the stagnancy around you, expect the opposite in the months ahead. Take control of your life. Stop blaming people and circumstances. Decide what you want to do and how you’ll get there. And start moving.

Professionally taking a stand will gain you respect and recognition.  Be bold and confident without being arrogant. Stop trying to please both sides. The year favours job changes, travel, relocation and higher studies. And it all depends on how focussed and committed you are. Financially a good year, money owed to you will be repaid, law suits show positive progress. The keywords for the year are focus, goals and persistence. Healthwise, expect a swift recovery.

Lucky Colour White

Lucky Crystal Diamond


If you haven’t learnt to manage your stress levels yet then 2019 could be a testing year. People and circumstances may test your tolerance levels and you may have to deal with unpleasant interactions, delays and obstacles before good things happen. Any change will be preceded with a temporary phase of stress and turbulence. Even in relationships you may feel you have to defend your ground or take a radical standpoint, at the risk of being unpopular. Financially and professionally a good year but only after a bit of tension

Mentally you are sharp and this would be a great year to put your goals and dreams down, and work towards them.  You’re intuition will be your guide in decision making and you may just find yourself figuring things out a whole lot faster than the rest. A much needed holiday will refresh you. A reunion of friends may reveal some unpleasant truths about people. A year for redefining your life. Take a risk if you have to. And do learn to let go of the built up stress.

Lucky Colour Sky Blue

Lucky Crystal Blue Lace Agate


The Universe offers you a positive new beginning. Your mind is fresh and clear. And you’re optimistic about a lot of things in life. You know your journey has been worth it. But what will you do to ensure greater happiness ahead? The cards favour love relationships and you could meet  a soulmate who will change your world forever. Family and friends are a source of joy so expect many celebrations, reunions and moments to cherish.

Self employed Saggitarians may discover a new way to promote their work and can look forward to business from new sources. Professionals enter a period of harmony and satisfaction, just don’t get too complacent with these energies the cards warn you. As long as you are mindful of what you eat, health matters remain manageable and stable. Spending time outdoors or learning a new sport will help release even more endorphins. Happiness is here.

Lucky Colour Red

Lucky Crystal Ruby


With your dedication and ability to work harder than all the other zodiac signs, 2019 promises the beginnings of a successful endeavour. You’re now enroute to bigger and better things and this year sees you at your sharpest and most productive. Don’t listen to your critics (and there will be plenty) just focus on doing your best. Long term success and the realisation of your goals is very possible. You will be tested however, on how well you get along with different kinds of people. Be patient and tolerant, for others can never match your way of thinking and working.

There may be a tendency to neglect the home and family so do remember to bring in some sort of work-life balance in the months ahead. Relationships remain solid and stable and a special someone may appear in your life. Watch out for meddlesome people and steer clear of gossip, it could lead to some unecessary complications which you definetely don’t need right now. Investments pay off and you may consider buying a house or land. Overseas travel is indicated and a chance to showcase your skills to an international audience. What are you waiting for? This is your year to start shining.

Lucky Colour Black

Lucky Crystal Obsidian


2019 is anything but quiet. You may find yourself out more often and communicating with all kinds of people. The year favours studying, reading, writing, presentations and media. Not to mention work related travel. Young people take centre stage and you could find yourself playing the role of a change maker or leader. Speak out more often as your point of view is valuable. However in your quest to be heard, dont forget to be a better listener. A young man may charm you with his wit and intelligence, don’t be fooled by appearances and remember, actions tell you everything you need to know about a person.

Family members will remain supportive and an older woman’s advice could be just what you need in a low moment.  You will be enthusiastic about starting new projects but may get bored half way. Ensure you stick with the task till the end. A new hobby could lead to some unexpected developments. An old friend may want an impossible favour. Don’t be too quick to commit. Money wise great gains but equally great expenses, money will flow in but flow right out again. What can you do differently to stop the outflow?

Lucky Colour Purple

Lucky Crystal Amethyst


Harmony at last. If you’ve been struggling with emotions, relationships and intepersonal issues in the past few months 2019 promises resolution and peace. Conflicts and misunderstandings can be sorted out and a sense of well being prevails. A wonderful year for getting engaged, married or expanding the family, the cards foretell a year of love and joy coming your way. Remain open to differing points of view, focus on being compassionate and discover the blessings the Universe brings to you.

Work wise things remain smooth and financial gains are promised after a few minor delays. If you have a tendency to work or study in the last moment, you may have to change your ways as there may be sudden changes and near impossible deadlines to meet. Dont worry, you can do it. Domestic repairs, renovations and upgrades are in the offing. And if you were planning to shift home, buy a new car or completely redecorate your living space you’ll probably do it before the middle of the year. Just remember not to go overboard with your spending. Maintain some control over your spending habits.

Lucky Colour Turquoise

Lucky Crystal Turquoise.

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