Do you want to launch your own startup?



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You’ve always known that you were born to be your own boss someday. You’re just biding time in the corporate world building up skills, work experience and money reserves for this dream of striking out on your own someday. And you turn to a Tarot session for deeper insights, guidance and the outcome if you do take this step into the unknown.

Some of you are pretty clear about the path ahead – your business idea and the strategy is in place. You seek validation and what to be mindful about along the path.

Some of you come for a session with differing business ideas and their potential to bring in profits.

And some just explore the possibility of taking a risk into the unknown. Checking with the cards whether their idea will pay off in the end, whether it will be all worth it.

Whatever may be your questions regarding your start-up the Tarot cards can give you insights into the past, the present, the future possibilities throwing light on how to achieve your goals or what attitudes to drop or adopt.

Interested in launching your own start up? How about some insights from the Tarot to give you additional information. Message me at for more details.

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Is Your Office Making You Sick?



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“I get these awful headaches during work lately, my sleep is poor, I can’t seem to stop thinking about what people said or did and I’m uneasy” – Project Lead, Multinational Bank

“I cannot trust my Boss. He’s stealing credit for my work and putting me down all the time. There are some mornings when I’m too tired to wake up to my alarm.” Client Servicing Manager

“She doesn’t care about loyalty, she only cares about the amount of money I can generate for her. I feel she is using me for her own gains and now my back pain has begun again” Sales Consultant

“This place is full of gossip and rumours, Nobody looks happy” Financial Analyst, MNC

If any of these statements rings a bell, you know you’re in a toxic work environment and you need to take immediate steps before it robs you of happiness totally.

A Few Tips

  1. Start an exit strategy.

You can wait till things get better but at what cost? Update your resume and start looking for options.

2. Practice Self Care Daily

Do something that’s positive and beneficial for your mental and physical health. Walking Meditations. Swimming. Regular Ayurvedic Massages. Dance. Something that shakes away the toxic energies that you may be absorbing in your work environment.

3.Connect with Nature

Even if it’s walking barefoot in a nearby park, or tending to a flowerpot allow Nature to heal you while you disconnect from the office

4. Be with your Loved Ones

Sometimes all it takes is a hug from a child. Or a cup of tea made by a friend to remind you that you’re special.

Peace of mind is precious. Physical health even more precious. Never be with someone or some place that’s making you sick. For more insights on toxic workplaces get in touch and we’ll see what the Tarot has to say about a way forward for you.

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Wake Up

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A man who’s mind was way ahead of his times. A self confessed madman who mesmerised the world with his words, his eyes and even his Rolls Royce’s. Who’s words still jump out of the page and shake me out of my stupor. Thank you Osho for the wake up call.

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May You Be Free of Sickness


A visit to the hospital or clinic always brings us face to face with the kind of suffering there is in this world. Nobody is spared. Not us. Not the others. Not even the babies. Not even the animals.

Om Bekhandze Bekhandze Maha Bekhandze 

Bekhandze Randza Samudgate Svaha

The Medicine Buddha Mantra calls to the Medicine Buddha to eliminate the pain of illness and suffering.  The mantra is repeated several times with increasing intensity imploring the Medicine Buddha to hear and relieve the depth of suffering. It then hails the enlightenment of the Medicine Buddha and offers profound respect as the prayer is relinquished to the Medicine Buddha.

OM    (this is not a “word” but the intonation of the sacred vibration of the universe)

Bekhandze      O Healer   (of suffering)

Bekhandze      O Healer   (of the true cause of suffering)

Maha bekhandzeO Great Healer   (of subtle defilements that cause suffering) 

Bekhandze Randza    O King of Healing

Samudgateperfectly liberated auspicious being

Svaha   I offer this prayer and now relinquish it … (to you Medicine Buddha)”

This is one English version of the meaning and intent of the Mantra:

May the sentient beings that suffer across  space and time

May their illness and the causes of illness be quickly removed. 

And may this illness of body, speech and mind forever be gone.


When You Don’t Heed Your Calling



Q “There’s a weird low level anxiety in the bottom of my stomach that’s constant. I’m unhappy because somewhere I feel I’m missing the mark. I should be doing something with my Life. I mean why was I born. I’m only doing this freelance project to make my parents happy but this is not me. They don’t understand what’s happening to me. They’ve both worked hard to reach where they have. When I graduated a few years ago, I started a business to do something for the environment but it failed. I want to start another business around recycling plastic items but I’m scared of failing again. What clues can you give me about my Life Purpose?”


The low level anxiety you feel is your own inner self telling you not to hide behind the screen but to go out to Nature, where you feel happiest, where you are most inspired to make a difference. One failure doesn’t define who you are and what you could be born to do. And clearly it is to do something for our planet….

No one can tell you exactly why you were born. And not every Life Purpose is a vocation. You’ve been given clues all your life. And your biggest clue is happiness. For an indepth look at your life purpose and the clues the Tarot could bring your way, get in touch with me at for details

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Are you in love with the King of Cups?



King of Cups, Cat Deck, personal collection

As the sun went down she began to feel a little lost. The forest seemed denser, quieter with a deep underlying hum in the air. And the path was anything but smooth. She approached a small ditch surrounded by mossy rocks and algae – so very very slippery.


“I got you”

A warm hand clasped her arm firmly. But it was too dark now to tell who it was. He felt safe. So safe she didn’t feel like rising from the pile of musty leaves, she was hoping he’d just pick her up.

And he did.

In his even warmer arms, he carried her across the forest in most delicious loving silence she could ever imagine. When they reached the road he put her down and she thanked him. They laughed a little and melted each other’s souls with their gazes. They knew they’d never feel this way with anyone else. And she knew she’d found her King.

One of the most loving men in the Tarot deck is the King of Cups, balanced, generous and with the gift of making a woman feel special and safe. If a King of Cups is significant in your life right now how about a Love Reading or Report to find out more about him and you. Get in touch with me at for details

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The Wounded Palate



The most delicious desserts will never sweeten the one with the bitter breath.

He will always complain.

“Oh the presentation is bad.

Too many berries!

Lousy chocolate

“Ugh it tastes horrible”

He will spit on your table, scrape the chair backward

And head for the door.

Before you look at the mess he’s left behind, please walk him to the door and thank him for coming

and do ask him if you could sample

one of his desserts.

He will mumble something about not knowing how to cook, or

not having the time, or not finding the recipe. He may even look you

in the eye and tell you he can’t make desserts. And how his Father told him he couldn’t do a darn thing.

And that’s when you catch a glimpse of a young boy who was never praised, or approved, or accepted or encouraged. The harsh critiques he gives others freely and shamelessly are nothing compared to his self critiques. And the voices he heard as a child – he heard them so much he began to believe them, and eventually spew them on others.

For a second he looks at the door knob before stepping out and asks you how he can start making desserts.

You tell him to start by approving of himself.

Chances are he’ll slam the door on you grumbling to himself about incompetent cooks who waste his precious money.

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Team Astroyogi – Thank You and Hasta Manana. Until We Meet Again:)


Thank you for trusting me to read your energies.
Thank you Team Astroyogi for this Award

In August 2003 after 5 years of studying I went professional as a certified Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer, and in December that year I was invited to work as an independent consultant online while continuing my practice offline.

Back then nobody had even heard of online Tarot. People knew it from TV/Film or from personal experience. Receiving a Tarot reading on Email or on the telephone was a totally alien concept. But it was the sheer determination of Meena Kapoor and her tireless team at Astroyogi that pioneered online Tarot in India, melding technology with ancient divination. Upgrading technology constantly making it easy to use from the laptop or the mobile phone. A feat that’s nothing short of impossible.

The journey online with Astroyogi has been memorable for the past 15.5 years. But all long journeys do need a break. And since the 7th of April 2019 I have taken a break from logging online with a glad and grateful heart to Team Astroyogi and all the souls they brought my way to read.

May all of you continue to shine! 🙂

Love & Gratitude:)

Mita Bhan

Tarot Death – A New Chapter


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Major Arcana Card Death XIII from the Old Path Deck, personal collection

Look around you.

Surrounded by cluttered thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and relationships that you no longer need.

They’re weighing you down.

Holding you back from the Future.

Look at you.

Afraid of losing the familiar.

Afraid of the the unfamiliar.

Cut the cords. Detach. Let go. Release, Complete.

Something new and better is about to begin.

But first the old has to end.

The Death card is never to be feared but embraced. It can never be literal physical death but time to break free of the old, outdated, expired and unecessary. Something ends, but something new begins.

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What’s so Funny? – Buddhist Short Story



Once a wise man held a seminar to teach people how to get rid of sorrows in their life. Many people gathered to hear the wise man’s words. The man entered the room and told a very funny joke to the crowd. The crowd roared in laughter.

After a couple of minutes he told them the same joke and only a few of them smiled.

When he told the same joke for the third time no one laughed anymore.

The wise man smiled and said,” You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why do you cry over the same problem over and over?. Do something to change it. ”

Buddhist Story. Author Unknown