Weekly Tarot Forecast (July4-10)


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The pandemic has changed us all. In the way we relate to others, in the way we connect within ourselves. And the past few days a number of people consulted the Tarot with questions about the ongoing changes in their workplace and relationships, not feeling quite right with the new status quo, enquiring about how to make things better and whether it was time for a resignation or even a break up. Tough choices that cannot always be made alone. And sometimes we all need an objective look at the situation. The theme carries forth in the days ahead as the Tarot foretells phases of introspection and taking steps to make the necessary changes. You could be updating your resume. Learning a new skill. Reaching out to contacts in other fields or industries. Or even meeting with marriage counsellors and divorce lawyers. Whatever you decide to do, the cards only suggest that you do a little more groundwork on your Life Path. And for more clarity or insights, do reach out for a personal session.

As for a little more into the week ahead, do check out the weekly horoscope on India Today. And thank you once again for all your support for the past 18 years of practice.

Wishing you a week of decisive changes.


Mita Bhan.

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Weekly Tarot Forecast for all Sun Signs (June 27 -July 3)


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Vedic Wisdom deck, personal collection

If last week was about changes and coming to terms with the shifts of energy, the week ahead brings with it directional change. A turning point. When we realise we can no longer continue in the same fashion. When it dawns upon you that a job just isn’t what it promised to be. When we understand where we made a mistake or did wrong to another. When something in our daily routine or habits just have to change. It’s the single moment when we “get it”. Without nudges, without hints. Loud and clear. And we have no option but to do something about it. And deep within we know life will never go back to what it was because we took control of our own paths.

For more insights into the week ahead for your Sun Sign, do check out the weekly horoscope here https://www.indiatoday.in/horoscopes/story/weekly-horoscope-from-june-27-to-july-3-1819393-2021-06-27

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Wishing you a week full of decisive moments, greater health and peace,

Mita Bhan

Do You Love Purple?


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Does your eye always go to the purple outfits in your wardrobe? Or do you find yourself reaching out for Amethyst, Purple Agate or Violet Kunzite? Are the accents in your room in Purple? Or you find yourself buying violets or purple flowers? According the the science of Colour Healing, Psychological studies and even Metaphysics, the colour you are most drawn to reflects much more than aesthetic. Your choice of colour can reflect your state of mind, your subconscious affinity, your spirituality and even an area which may need healing.

Purple has been associated with royalty and nobility. And if you love this colour, many hypnotherapists believe you may have had a past life being royal. Western Astrologers ascribe the colour to the planet Jupiter – symbolising wisdom while the Vedic Astrologers consider it to be connected to the planets Saturn and Rahu denoting intelligence, fame and wit. Image from personal collection.
From a spiritual perspective, Purple is the colour of the Crown Chakra – the doorway to the Divine. People who love Purple may be clairvoyant or clairaudient, meditative and have an innate understanding of their spiritual purpose in life. Purple auras represent a state of oneness and connectivity with all, and Amethyst the epitome of purple crystals is believed to soothe nerves, relieve anxiety, insomnia and elevate consciousness. Image from personal collection.
For centuries spiritual healers have connected the Violet Flame with spiritual freedom, burning away karmas from previous lifetimes. And bringing a sense of equilibrium in our mind, body and souls. Violet shades bring focus, deeper insights and clarity.
Bringing elements of Purple into your decor reaffirm a sense of power, ambition and when used correctly aids concentration (especially in study areas) while Lavender promotes restful sleep in bedrooms and lounge areas. Image from women24.net

Colour affects us all the time in some way or other; from the colours we dress to enhance our image, in the way we decorate our homes and offices and can make us feel better, happy, or have a depressing affect on us. Purple as a colour is truly the colour of higher consciousness and tranquility. If you find yourself getting drawn to all shades of purple know that you’re calling is higher.

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Get Set For Some Busy Days



8 wands, Holland Deck, personal collection

For those of you who experienced the disappointments, delays, breakdowns and general frustration of the Mercury Retrograde, you will be happy to know the planet of Communications goes direct today. Phew! And when the Tarot cards align with the energies, you know it’s a period of renewed activity. Though energies may take a fortnight to settle in (until the next retrograde) expect more messages, emails, letters, documents and contracts to sign in the weeks ahead. Whatever slowed down, picks up pace again, misunderstandings are resolved and reconnections are a little smoother. Things do speed up, even heartbeats. People can suddenly fall in love or find themselves in an online romance. What would it be? Let’s see what unfolds:)

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Weekly Tarot Forecast June 20-26 for all Sun Signs


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As energies recalibrate around us there will be some see saw moments of enthusiasm and a desire to want to be happily productive followed by moments of lethargy or doubt. More and more souls are taking steps to get out of whatever they are stuck in. For some it’s the thought.For some it’s action and self driven effort. Be it a dead end job or a relationship, selling a property or relocation. Decisions will be taken. Actions need to happen. Don’t stop now. One step is better than no step.

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Thank you for your feedback and support, may you enjoy a week full of peace and productivity.

Mita Bhan

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Tough Times Reveal True Faces


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Of late, one of the recurring themes in most of my sessions has been the disappointment people feel when they discover the true faces of their so called friends and families. People who they thought they could trust, turning their backs on them or revealing their truest intentions.

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“I realised she only contacted me when she wanted a favor for herself or her family. Never a hello, how are you. Always can you do this for me? Always”

“She was cheating on me during the lockdown and when I caught her, she said I deserved it”

“I thought he loved me but after he started complaining with his family about the insufficient gifts he received during the marriage, I realised just who he was”

“I called him to tell him about my family getting Covid. He never called me after that. I thought he cared”

“Even when my Boss said no, I pushed to hire that guy in my team. Little did I know he’d play dirty on me and leave me jobless”

The sense of betrayal and hurt they face is palpable and their statements ring true for all of us, as at some point we’ve all seen the glimpse of people’s true faces. But then what?

Don’t think it’s your imagination. If a person reveals just how manipulative they are, that’s who they are. Believe what they show you.

Don’t give excuses. Yes they are going through a hard time, but then so are you. Lying to you, hurting you behind your back or simply taking from you is something they will do even in easier times. That’s just they way they are.

Don’t dwell in the anger, heal it. A natural byproduct of discovering the truth is the anger we feel. Holding on to it or repressing it can make the wound as torturous as the pain itself. At some point, we all need to process the emotions until we find a space of calm within. And if you continue to struggle, seek professional therapy to guide you through the process.

Let go again and again and again. Sadly, letting go is not a once and for all moment in cases of deep hurt and disappointment, it requires multiple tries and multiple efforts until one day it ceases to hurt so badly. Again, if it’s too difficult to do it alone, take the help of therapy.

Be thankful. Sounds funny but at a spiritual level it makes sense. Be glad that you got to see their true faces eventually. Perhaps there was a karmic lesson to be learnt. Perhaps the realisation opened new doorways of awareness. Whatever it was, you learnt and you grew wiser and stronger.

Choose to be free from bitterness. Remember who you are. Reconnect with your inner self, the part of you that still finds the beauty in this world, the part of you that sees your own worth regardless of how you have been treated and how they made you feel. Detach from the person. Forgive them and forgive yourself for the times you may have inadvertently hurt another. Focus on the other healthy relationships in your life. The process may not be easy, but the peace you feel is worth it.

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Weekly Tarot Forecasts for All Sun Signs


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Have you started noticing the subtle changes in your relationships? Or a new look in your eyes when you see the mirror? Energies have begun shifting rapidly within and around us, and while some of us may be grieving and processing the past, some may have already adapted to the current shift. And it doesn’t look like there’s much choice is there? Changes are rapid and irreversible. And the truths keep popping out. True faces. True intentions. True Stories. True Potential. True Paths.

For more insights into the week ahead for your Sun Sign do read the weekly horoscope on India Today here.


Thank you for your feedback and support, wishing you peace and good health.

Mita Bhan

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Raise the Vibe with Guggal


The ancient texts of Ayurveda have highlighted the innumerable benefits of Guggal as both oral medicine in its powdered form or as a therapeutic aid in the form of incense sticks and cones made from its resin. Derived from the sansksrit word “guggulu” meaning protection from diseases, it is considered an allrounder as it balances all the doshas at a mind, body soul level gently and effectively.

As a fragrance, Guggal is believed to work at many levels in your living and work space:

  1. Reduces anxiety and angst. The heady notes of Guggal work to bring in a sense of soothing calm in environments where there may have been tension, grief, worry or loss.
  2. Aids sleep and works as a gentle relaxant by gently easing out fatigue caused by overthinking.
  3. Used extensively in prayers and rituals, Guggal is believed to drive negativity away with its sweet scent and usher in divine grace and good luck.
  4. Works as an insect repellant especially in the rainy months.
  5. Promotes concentration and focus on study.

One tip, too much of a good thing is never too good. I’ve discovered one small cone of Guggal is enough to bring about a burst of positivity, when burnt for hours, it can make the environment dense and cloying.

Guggal can be found as incense sticks or cones, here I prefer to use the cones by AntarKranti, as it brings a short burst of positivity.

Guggal incense cones tend to topple over, here I’ve used a tea light candle as a stabilising base.
Guggal resin can also be burnt on coals as a smudging device. Image from Deccan Herald.

Additional Reading

A comprehensive look at Guggal’s therapeutic properties when taken in a medicinal form.


This is where I have been getting Guggal from


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Tarot for Today – Just Keep Going


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Cat Deck personal collection

Today is the day when you try a little harder. When you get up and give a little more of yourself. When you hang on to your dreams for just a little longer.

Quitting is not an option. Persist through the delays and the disappointments, the fog and the obstacles. One step at a time. One day at a time.

The dedication and the perserverance of 8 of Pentacles reminded me of my grandfather’s words. Active at work till nearly the age of 90, he witnessed 2 World Wars, the Partition, epidemics like Small Pox and Polio. And managed to raised his 8 children as a single Dad. His answer to any difficulty was to “just keep going” without defeat without complaint.

Key Message

*Patient and productive

*Ignoring the voice that says “quit”

*Paying attention to detail

*Unlearning the past. Learning new skills.

For insights into the week ahead, do see the weekly tarot forecast.


Wishing you peace, good health and persistence.

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Weekly Tarot Forecasts for all Sun Signs



Clear Quartz Ganesha and ShriYantra

Thank you for reaching out in the past couple of weeks with reminders about uploads and my apologies for the inconveniences caused by technical glitches, data transfers, upgrades and uploads on my part. Fingers crossed, looks like things are sorted for now and if I have learnt anything it is to be even more patient, even more adaptive to the newer normal and to continue taking precautions even though the wave is subsiding.

Now back to the Tarot for the week ahead. The main message that runs across the readings for all Sun Signs remains, “Don’t take people and things for granted, everything can change in an instant.” Cherish you selves, boost your health, count all the blessings and value those who truly love you. More insights and messages at :


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Mita Bhan. June 2021