Being Mindful about Crystals


The last pieces in my Amethyst collection.

My deep love for Healing crystals, gemstones and stones began in childhood when I would admire the Jade jewellery worn by mom’s Chinese friends who’d tell me legends and superstitions around the gorgeous green stone. Over the years I began to study Crystals seriously and then learnt to heal with them.  All my savings were happily spent buying healing stones in India and across the world adding to my collection.

Ignorantly I was fuelling an industry that was not only raping our mines but exploiting the poor into destroying the environment. Horror stories of mining practices came to view and I decided to stop buying  any more new crystals. What I had in my collection would stay, be revered and used as healing tools. If people needed crystals they would be welcome to purchase from my existing stock but I would no longer add to my collection, nor take any requests to source a crystal.


Our mines are rapidly depleting . Let us leave what there is, buried in Earth and respect and cherish what we already have in our homes and offices. Mother Earth has been generous but as humans we’ve overdone the taking as usual. It’s time to conserve, stop buying and to work with what we already have.


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Additional Reading Link – A friend just me this wonderful explanation here. Thank you 🙂




The student learns to meditate – a parable


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A student went to his meditation teacher and said, “My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!”

“It will pass,” the teacher said matter-of-factly.

A week later, the student came back to his teacher. “My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It’s just wonderful!”

“It will pass,” the teacher replied matter-of-factly.

Author Unknown

Help Rebuild Kerala.


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Rescue officials assist villagers out of a flooded area, following heavy monsoon rainfall, near Kochi. (Image: PTI)

There are countless ways to help. Social media is full of links and forwards available for those who want to contribute in kind, online or make a bank transfer.

Amazon Care has been tried and trusted. This morning I received an SMS saying that the donations we sent had reached their NGOs. Which was such a relief to read.  I’ve written to them requesting that they add an NGO for Animal Relief Work in Kerala as well.

Will update.


UPDATE – For those who want to donate for the multiple animal rescue work taking place in Kerala here’s another tried and tested link.…/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_ws_hLwEBb8YTTRTD

Blue Cross of India will be travelling to Kerala in a couple of days and requires the following medicines and equipment for the animals affected by the flood. Blue Cross is a very established NGO in Chennai for animals, and have many happy memories of visiting their shelter when we lived in Chennai.







Note to Self – Choose Peace With Strangers


moon's viewToday while trying to look for my car in a busy parking lot I unintentionally blocked the way of a very angry lady. She stood in front of me, glared and growled “Move” to me. I stepped away, let her angry vibe pass through and wondered “Why couldn’t she just say ‘excuse me’?

Note to self – People are going to be rude and aggressive in Delhi/NCR. Be polite anyway. No need to “give it back”  Life’s too short to meet their anger with anger.


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5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Meditate


“I just can’t meditate”

“My mind doesnt stop”

“I feel restless and uncomfortable”

“After a point, I feel scared”

“I tried meditating and then I gave up.”

If these phrases sound familiar then you are not alone. Why does this happen?

  1. Your intention to meditation is not defined. Don’t meditate because your friend told you to or you read it was a great way to beat anxiety. Meditate because you want to.
  2. Your expectations are way too high. You cannot experience a state of permanent bliss and concentrate for 18 hours a day – not only is it impossible if you are working, are married or have children, it is a state achieved by those who have been meditating for decades. But when you slow down and take out just a few minutes each day for quiet reflection you will slowly begin to find that peace.
  3. You’re pressurising yourself to find peace. You can’t find quiet if you are shouting inside. Meditation is not a rigorous ‘must do, must get” experience, it’s a state of being, learning to let go and to be present.
  4. You want instant results. Your anxiety, your past, your hurts are not going to dissolve away immediately. Meditation means taking out a little time for yourself everyday, without keeping score, without comparing. Just look it like pouring a little positive energy inside yourself every day.
  5. Too many distractions. Make a quiet time for meditation each day and do keep the phone off and remind the kids not to interrupt you. When there are too many distractions, meditation becomes impossible and probably the most popular reason why people quit.

Remember meditation is all about releasing the pressure and there should be no stress around it. If you’re forcing yourself to close your eyes and focus on your breath while feeling restless and cranky sitting in the same pose, then it may be time for you to try another form of meditation, or try at another time. And yes, initially it is a struggle but if you are patient and persistent, the results are truly wonderful.


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Memories of De Schaduwkade – Lest We Forget.


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For so many years my shadow floated by on the tiny waves


For you to return

Remembering your words promising to not forget me

Or all of us here

Who lived and breathed

and walked this road

and laughed

and cried

Until we heard only Silence

Each night our souls whirled around on the tips of the dark green water peering over the shoulders  of the waves

Waiting for their special someone to return,

And for me, it was you.


You came.

All thirteen years of you standing there with your parents.

When I heard your voice read out my name aloud

I cried into the water

And soon we were all floating on the tearful waves

listening to your sweet shrill Indian accent

Reading  aloud each and every one of our names

You didn’t forget

You returned

And while the other shadows have drifted to sleep I shall float along

these deep green waves waiting

For you to return with your wife and children.

—-Lest We Forget——-


While exploring the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam on a family vacation  my son  felt compelled to walk down the quiet road by the canal in Nieuwe Keizersgracht. He ran up to the plaques on the banks of the canal and called  out to us to see and hear him say out the names out loud individually while he folded his hands in prayer.  We discovered we were at  the Schaduwwade memorial listing names on the plaques opposite their homes of more than 200  Jewish residents of Nieuwe Keizersgracht who were killed during WW2 . And thank God for sending us a reminder to never forget.







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Old Soul Gold Soul


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Old souls have seen many lifetimes.

And have lived on land and sea,

Old souls understand Life more

the sadness, the anger  the grief

Fancy cars, Designer Labels, Tech trends

And the Ladder

Isn’t of much importance

Old souls want just one thing

And that’s never to be reborn

Human existence just tires them

From being here too long

Their souls cry to mingle with a myriad of  lights

Sprinkling sparkling coloured beams

Somewhere beyond the night.

So how do you tell an old soul?

Just look into their eyes.

If you see the deep deep ocean

Or a teardrop that stays

You know you’ve met an old gold soul

Who’s waiting for a flight.

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Staying Positive in Negative Times

It’s so easy to get swept up by other people’s negativity. Watching the news on TV only worsens it. You end up feeling bitter and helpless at what’s happening in this world. In moments like this, make it a point to to try to stay positive. It’s hard but it’s do-able. And if you find yourself slipping into a mode of complaints, anger, sadness, get up and try again. Positive energy is worth fighting for and hanging on to.




If a woman speaks and no one listens, she’s the mom.


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Q : My daughter doesn’t listen to me.

I’ve been telling her what to do and now she’s got herself a job in another city

And all she’s done since she’s reached there is complain about the people and then shout at me.

Why is she suffering?



A :  She’s learning the lesson of Tolerance and Patience.  What you’ve been telling her for the past 25 years to learn, Life will teach her in minutes.

Q : I always tell her to get along with all kinds of people , to overlook differences, to be respectful of another’s culture or religion, to just hang in there and understand the way they communicate before jumping to conclusions. Still, all she does is criticise and complain and sulk around people.

A : It’s her lesson. Not yours. You’ve done your best.  Just let go.

(one second later)

Q: I was wondering now that the kids are grown up, if I should go on that cruise I was reading about. A few of my friends are planning to travel in a couple of months…..


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