Feeling Overwhelmed?


You’re doing too many things at once and everything is important. What happens? You’re putting your mind and body under stress and if you’re not feeling it in your body (rapid heartbeat, shoulder pain) you’re expressing it (irritability, fears of not being able to complete things on time) Whatever is happening is happening and you cannot take your mind off the discomfort. Being overwhelmed is part of anxiety and can be easily controlled before it gets too much to handle.

Here how:-

1. Accept that you have tons to do. Make a list. Calmly tell yourself to focus on the priority items.

2. Take deep breaths, knowing that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way, calmly and efficiently. Meditate with self belief.

3. Exercise.  The best way to release endorphins and declutter your brain.

4. Distract yourself temporarily, do something to relax yourself – listen to music, talk to a friend, have a long bath.

5. Healing crystals like Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and even Black tourmaline help soothe and ground you – they can be worn as jewellery or held in your palm while meditating or breathing deeply. Remember to wash your healing crystals after every use.

6. Say no to the time wasters and unecessary demands put on you. Setting boundaries allows you to focus on yourself and bringing back that calm.

Remember feeling overwhelmed is only a temporary state. It will pass.


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Are you migrating?

six of swords

Images of 6 of Swords from the Fountain Tarot and the River Styx Tarot.

Many souls do not feel at home in their country of origin. And yearn constantly to be  to be somewhere else. By the sea. On a mountain. Near a river. In a different city. The locations may vary but the feeling stays the same. These are the souls who ask the Tarot if they were destined to migrate.

Another set of souls have begun to feel disenchanted by their country of origin. The struggle gets too much. And there is a constant wanting for a more organised life, more spending power, better climate and more advanced systems.  Of these, I find there are souls who act upon their yearning and take the necessary steps towards the realisation of their dream. They would have met immigration lawyers or begun the process of application. And their questions to the Tarot usually revolve around possible time frames, future job prospects and financial security. And the second set who don’t like their current life, want to leave the country but take no steps in this direction  or have had their applications rejected and ask questions related to “Will I ever leave this country?”

And finally there are a few souls who end up in another country due to circumstances they never envisaged. A marriage proposal. The transfer of a spouse. Grown up children who have settled in other countries. Before they even realise it, they’ve moved to another home far away. And they learn to adapt and accept the changes that surround them. Their hearts and warmest connections remain rooted to their homeland and their questions revolve around the wellbeing of their family far away.

If there is one card in the deck of Tarot which answers the question of migration it’s the 6 of Swords.  The card of voyages, passages, moving to a new set of circumstances and leaving the past behind. And if it doesn’t appear it doesn’t mean the querent is not relocating, it just means there are karmic lessons to be learnt and business that remains unfinished. Or the energies aren’t quite right for you to know the answer at the time of the reading.

Find out if there’s migration in your cards, get in touch with an exclusive reading. Write to me at mita.bhan@gmail.com for details.


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Protect Your Energy. Say No.


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Some people are just consumed by their own negativity. They seek help but then start to argue, berate, belittle the person trying to help them. They refuse to acknowledge there could be a problem in their attitude or their way of looking at things and end up draining others with their refusal to see the positive in anything. It could be their anxiety, their fear or their bitterness that blocks them from receiving help, love and advice. And they end up frustrated and leaving loved ones and even those who try to help them drained. Recognise such people and protect your energy. It’s okay to say No to them. Block them from calling. And ignore their provocations. Saying No to someone who doesn’t want to be helped is simply an act of self preservation. Your first priority is to yourself regardless of what you do for a living or how they may be related to you. If someone disturbs your levels of inner peace, just say No.

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Intoxicating Incense


Sleep deprived and cranky? Just light a few sticks of lavender incense in your bedroom in the evening and feel your troubles literally float away with the heady smoke. Want to create a romantic mood for a special meal at home – reach out for some rose incense to infuse the environment with pure and positive thoughts. And if you just want to clear your mind of the clutter and the confusion get yourself some sticks of Lemon or Orange to uplift and energise you.

That’s just a few examples of how incense works. The  study of incense is the basis of Aromatherapy, a popular form of alternative healing and beauty treatment today.

Incense has been universally accepted as the purifier and is used across the world as part of religious ceremonies as well as medical healing.

In India, incense was and is used daily in all temples and rituals at home to sanctify devotions, where as in China incense is burned to purify and rid the environment of all negative spirits. Mexicans used incense to induce trance like states during rituals, Native Americans and Wiccans cleanse environments and human auras by smudging with bundles of aromatic herbs like white sage. the Greeks and Romans also used essential oils and fragrant herbs in all aspects of their daily lives, and many of their practices were learned from the Egyptians and Mesopotamians who were without doubt, the absolute masters in the Art of “Aromatherapy”.

Incense is believed to cleanse the environment of negative vibrations, and also has an extraordinary effect of soothing the mind. Just like a candle brings light to a dark room, the aromatic effect of incense offers tranquility to our senses. If used during meditation, incense is said to dissipate the negative energy. Burning of incense helps to create a positive state of mind and helps condition the mind to associate the typical fragrance with a positive and calm mind.

According to Dr. K. L. Sheshagiri Rao, Chief Editor of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism and Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia, incense is supposed to have a calming effect on the mind. In particular, jasmine and sandalwood scents are supposed to bring out a peaceful mindset

Call it a feel good fix, incense works. Some fragrances like sandalwood have properties calm and purify, while citrus based ones are generally thought to be uplifting and clarifying. While trying out some home fragrances, you can burn 2-3 different kinds of incense together, or even opt for essential oil blends to burn to help you.

Here are a few favourites for use in the following purposes/conditions


To aid in meditation, nothing beats the sweet aromatic smoke of sandalwood. However, if you prefer the aroma of frankincense, rose, jasmine, bergamot and geranium

Stress Relief

Tension and stress are major problems in today’s society and you can use a combination of incense and even blend the fragrances as essential oils. Good choices would include Lavender (I recommend my clients not only burn incense sticks of this delightfully soothing floral fragrance, but also opt for all personal care products in this smell to help with stress relief), Sandalwood for those who prefer a heavier aroma, Lemon, Mandarin, Lemon grass, clarysage and patchouli.

Love & Harmony

Harmony is essential to life and if you feel there have been too many disagreements lately or simply an accumulation of negative thoughts, and what could be better than burning a few sticks of the following incense to bring a harmony? Choose Rose, Peppermint, Strawberry, Gardenia, Frankincense, Myrhh  and Jasmine.

Cleansing and Purifying

During the rainy season, citronella and pine works well to ward away the mosquitoes and bugs. Pine is a popular disinfectant in essential oils and is known to dissipate the germs in the air.

Easily available and highly affordable, incense can be used for a variety of things, and can be stored for long durations without any risk of losing their fragrance.

So the next time you just want a soothing fix – reach out for an incense stick and allow its smoke to uplift you.


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Clearing Karma Brings Peace


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Father parked the car, put his hand in his wallet and handed the young girl some coins.

“Go, give it to the shopkeeper and tell him it’s from me”

The young girl looked at him quizzically.

“I owed him the change from last week”, he explained.

As she took the coins she asked.

“But it’s only change Father, you don’t need to return it”

A solemn expression came over her father and for a second, he looked like someone from the black and white photographs she had seen in the family albums.

“Return whatever you owe others. Even if it’s a few coins or a few hundred thousand notes. If you can’t return all of it, start returning what you can, regularly, until the debt is cleared”

His voice sounded different, a hundred years old.

She shrugged her shoulders playfully, “What if I forget to return the money?”

“Then don’t ever be in a position where you need to borrow money.

The only person who can forget is the one who lends you the money, and that too, if he chooses”

The girl stepped out of the car and walked into the shop. There were sweets and stickers  hanging from shelves at the entrance, she knew this shop well, her parents bought a lot of their daily essentials from here.  The old shopkeeper smiled and she extended her hand carefully dropping the coins into his palm. He smiled and reached out for some strawberry candy, her favourite!

As she skipped back to the car, her father grabbed the candy and quickly popped some in his mouth. The shopkeeper heard their laughter and sighed happily.

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Demolishing a few myths about the Tarot




Tarot cards are relatively new to India. Though the cards have been around since  Medieval times in Europe, they were only formally and professional introduced to India in the 1980s by the late Ma Prem Usha.  Today nearly 40 years later, they have grown immensely in popularity across the country but there are questions that people ask Tarot readers which are more myths than reality.

Here are a few common myths about the Tarot..

  1. MYTH – Telephonic readings are not as accurate as face to face readings   As in all readings the reader taps into your energies through meditation, accuracy levels are the same in both cases. No readings is ever 100% accurate and no reading is ever carved in stone. Online or offline.
  2. MYTH – Tarot cards have to be touched with a particular hand. Many people have asked me if they have to use their right hand while picking out their cards. No such rule exists. Use whichever hand is your dominant one.
  3. MYTH – Tarot cards can only be touched by the reader.  The designs, symbols, numbers and pictures on all 78 cards are for all souls to understand and interact with, and can be seen or read by anyone for anyone.
  4. MYTH -Predictions are valid only for a year.  It depends on the question.Though Tarot is not necessarily a tool of prediction and more of a life guide, predictions are valid for what is specified in the question. For example “Where am I headed professionally in 5 years?” ” What are my chances of relocating in the next 3 years?” “How can I ensure I get the promotion in my upcoming appraisal next month?”
  5. MYTH -Pregnant ladies should not read cards or get their cards read.  I was reading the Tarot the night before my caeserian, nothing happened to me or my baby (now a teenager).

These are just a few of the myths people have. The Tarot is just a tool in the hands of a Tarot Reader who can give you an understanding of your past, your present and all the positive choices you have before you to create a wonderful future. And the more informed you are about what’s real and what’s simply a  myth about Tarot, the more informative and relevant your sessions will be.

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Crying Heals.


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Crying has come naturally to us since the day we were born. When we were infants, we bawled when we were hungry, sleepy, tired, frustrated, dirty, you name it. As we grew a little older, our tears rolled when we felt ignored, scared, reprimanded by adults, or we fell down. The tears didn’t last for too long, and within a few minutes we were back to our normal active, curious, childlike selves.

But what happened as we grew older? We learnt to repress our emotions. Not show our disappointment or pain so easily. We became big boys and big girls, and our parents and teachers reminded us again and again to stop crying over this or that and to be brave.

But fact of the matter is we all have to cry even as adults at some point or the other in our lives. And scientists have discovered that those who have a good cry periodically actually lead healthier lives.

Crying is actually beneficial for your mind, body and soul. Studies have revealed the following benefits of tears:

1. Release tension and the toxins of emotional stresses from the body. After a good bawl, don’t we all feel a little lighter?
2. Tears which flow with emotion actually contain higher amounts of protein and beta endorphin – natural pain relievers. Tears also kill bacteria, lubricate our eyes and help us see better.
3. Those who cry more often than others report less physical illnesses than those who keep it inside. Suppressing sad feelings leads to a build up of stress in the body resulting in disease.
4. Crying aids inner calm and peace. We can view the situation more clearly and calmly after a good session.

Being strong and brave is not about suppression of emotions. It’s about clarity, willingness to face whatever life offers our way. And knowing the power of release. So the next time you feel the tears well up, go get the box of tissues and cry your heart out. You’ll feel better in more ways than one.


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What’s Your Sun Scent?


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essential oils with herbal flowers for aromatherapy treatment

(Image from http://www.sunshine-pillows.com)

One of the most popular ways of destressing and treating a number of ailments, aromatherapy has become a favourite among thousands of people worldwide. Claiming to restore harmony between mind, body and soul, aromatherapy is absolutely non invasive and natural. Here are a few essential oils that may suit your Sun sign.


The ideal essential oil for fiery Ariens is Pepper essential oil.

Pepper, is fortifying, strengthening and an excellent digestive stimulant helps when rubbed on the abdomen. Burn a few drops while meditating or if grappling with a problem, remember not to use more than 3 drops if you have sensitive skin



Ruled by the planet Venus, Taureans would greatly benefit from Ylang Ylang essential oil, a sweet smelling balancing oil that helps calm emotions. Distilled from a Malaysian flower, burn a few drops of Ylang Ylang to ease anger and anxiety and helps enhance sensuality. Great as an evening bath aid, this wonderful scent helps promote relaxation and aids sleep.



Peppermint essential oil is perfect for the restless Gemini. Ideal for clearing up the mind and the excess nervous energy, inhale 1-2 drops of this oil on a tissue to dispel headaches and confusion. Peppermint oil’s fresh, minty top notes makes it ideal to use as blends and helps to keep coughs and colds at bay.



The perfect destresser for the moody and emotional Cancerian is Roman Chamomile. Perfect for aches, pains and removing anxiety, use it regularly to soothe and calm yourself on tough and tiring days. Calming, balancing and deeply relaxing a few drops of Roman Chamomile in olive oil or almond oil makes for the perfect massage oil.



Frankincense for this fiery sign is what the ancients recommended for Leos. The perfect aid for calming and slowing down breathing in tense moments, inhale a few drops of this wonderful oil on a tissue or simple burn it. Traditonally burned as an offering to the gods, this divine scent is a valuable aid in meditation,purification rites and prayer and helps allay fears and anxieties.



The calm gentle qualities of Lavender makes the ideal essential oil for the Virgo person. This popular and versatile oil balances and normalizes emotions. Very effective in massage or in bath water, a few drops of Lavender on bed linen also aids insomnia. Use frequently and find yourself smiling more.



The sweet floral aroma of Geranium brings out the natural charm of Librans. Uplifting, balancing and refreshing the scent of the Geranium helps ease depression and creates a sense of security and comfort when burned regularly or blended into a massage oil. Used in perfumes and to counteract moodswings, Geranium uplifts in a few minutes.



Intense and passionate Scorpions would do well with Patchouli – a popular scent used extensively all over the worlds. A powerful aphrodisiac, patchouli adds a sensuous, erotic element to the air and is wonderful as an uplifting massage aid. Also good for skin care, the soothing, stabilizing and slightly hypnotic qualities of this perennial shrub helps grounding in meditations.



Allow the clean, fresh and citrusy notes of Lemon to revive dullness and tiredness. The ideal spring cleaner for the mind, Lemon essential oil is useful in meditation to aid clarity, concentration on foggy days. Allow its unique fragrance to pick you up on days when you’re drained and disappointed. If you have sensitive skin don’t go beyond 3 drops in your bath oil



Deep, smoky and earthy, Vetiver essential oil is known as the “oil of tranquility”. It helps centre you when you feel disconnected and offbalance. Its earthy fragrance is popular in aftershaves for men and perfumes for women and helps promote grounding, stability and calm. The ideal aid for baths, a few drops in bath water helps relax, soothe and restore your energies after a tiring day.



Sensuous, deep and mysterious Sandalwood essential oil helps not only to purify but also soothe and relax tired minds. The longest lasting aroma among essential oils, the exotic and slightly erotic qualities of sandalwood make it perfect as a cooling, calming aid. Psychologically sandalwood aids spiritual practice and cleansing rituals and has been used in incense for centuries, it calms irritation born of frustration and helps still and quieten the mind, while bring harmony and balance into your life.


The powerful heady fragrance of Jasmine helps bring harmony and peace into the Pisceans life. Sweet, exotic and intensely uplifting this essential oil when burned or blended in a massage oil is emotionally warming and uplifting. An aid to those lacking in self confidence or lethargy, jasmine’s euphoric qualities have been said to immediately purify and uplift the energies around. Avoid in early pregnancy.

These are suggestions only and are not substitutes for conventional medical or behavioral health care treatment, but rather as an ancillary modality or as complementary healing.


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Why you can’t change jobs yet. A Tarot perspective.


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You’ve been wanting to change your job for months now but nothing’s materialised. You may have been called for an interview but then there was silence. You may have reached out to your contacts but no one’s followed up on their promise, or so it seems.  There’s frustration, there’s anxiety and the delays just don’t make sense as you think you deserve a change.

When it comes to these situations, the Tarot never fails to offer memorable insights.


Based on an analysis of career related spreads and the placement of Major Arcana cards, here  are a list of possible reasons why it may be happening in no order of preference. Reasons as to why you are not able to change jobs right now,  may differ from person to person to differing degrees.

1. Unfinished Karma with your current organisation and certain individuals.

2. Time for a Career Shift to a different industry, job description or location.

3. Time to start your own business or consulting practice.

4. Time for learning a few Life Lessons mainly patience and hope, among others.

5. Insufficient self discipline, self motivation and self confidence and unclear professional goals.

6. Your personal life needs more of your attention.

7. Hidden blessings.

If any of the reasons listed above resonated with your situation, introspect and reach a state of understanding. Where necessary take corrective action. Only you know your current professional situation best and trust that you will move in the direction you wish.

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5 Ways to Handle Cranky Days



We’ve all had mornings where we’ve either woken up too early or not had a good night’s sleep. And we all know what that feels like. Here’s what you could do if the crankiness lingers on too long, or begins to feel unpleasant.

  1. Avoid interacting with people while cranky.  Those who know you well enough will understand and keep a distance. If your child decides to suddenly bombard you with demands gently explain to him or her that you need a little time out to find your calm and hopefully he/she will understand.
  2.  Time Out. Yes just concentrate on doing things which relax you. I find soothing music helps take the edge off a cranky morning within minutes. Sometimes a brisk walk or a jog helps release the energy.
  3. Help someone who’s struggling with a difficult time. It could be an encouraging message. A prayer. A plan to meet up. Just step into their shoes.  Empathy between two people brings positive energy almost instantly.
  4. Express yourself. Write out what’s bothering you. Doodle or colour. The act of expression releases pent up feelings in a safe and peaceful way.
  5. Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Orange are a few essential oils you can burn in the room or apply to your pulse points for a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Remember crankiness doesn’t last. And if we handle it with conscious awareness, the feelings do eventually subside and peace reigns again.

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