Changing Careers? Focus on the Future

One of the joys of reading the Tarot is how ancient wisdom can be applied to contemporary and future scenarios. Especially during the times of lockdowns and layoffs where many professionals are considering a switch in careers. Not an easy place for anyone, the anxiety is understandable but the cards do have a magical way of bringing clarity and insights.

As in the case of a young woman who contacted me for a Career Switch Reading.

Career Switch Readings help in decision making , offering insights into the future potential of your choice.

Until the lockdown she thought she had found her calling in the Hotel Industry. Her days were busy with clients old and new, ensuring the hotel was perpetually booked with high profile events. And then suddenly it was over. Retrenchment. And the struggle and the stress followed. She had no choice but to switch careers if she wanted to work. She connected over the Tarot and we looked at all the options she was considering. Pros, cons and future possibilities were weighed. Her session ended with a clear direction she could pursue and did.

Her resilience and enterprise landed her a new job within 3 months managing customer relations for a large chain of hotels.

Similarly a young IT Manager got in touch. She had been on Maternity leave but was no longer keen to return to long hours and longer meetings. Work with more flexibility and passion. That’s what she communicated over a Tarot session. Her two loves were writing for kids and Teaching Dance. Could she do it? The Tarot foretold happiness in both and much needed flexibility. Perfect for a young mother. The only hitch? Writing would take at least a year before she could earn. While teaching dance revealed slow growth but better fitness levels and joy, not just for her but also her students.

We both smiled at the Tarot’s answer.

Both these professionals have displayed the very qualities required for survival and eventual success in today’s times. The courage to switch careers. Adaptibility to the new normal in their lives and in their professions. A willingness to research and explore their choices. To relearn and unlearn. And a view to recreating their future in a new field of their choice. Prerequisites for future success.

If you’re at a space where you want to change careers, get in touch for a Career Switch Reading , leave a message on

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Throwback Thursday. Planetary Reminders

“What are you doing to protect our planet?”

Eight years ago our children were reminding us to do something.

Eight years on, I still remind myself to be mindful about the environment and have reduced, reused

and recycled, forgotten at times, felt guilty at times, but it isn’t enough and I know it.

Here are some timely reminders which I hope will help you as well.

  • As far as possible go chemical free. Read more labels. Opt for natural, homegrown, organic and local produce.
  • Single use plastic and masks should be used as the last option. Opt for reusable.
  • How much stuff do we all truly need. Open the wardrobes and give to the needy.
  • Animals and Birds are far purer in mind and heart than many many human beings. Volunteer. Share information about rescued street animals, injured birds, foster appeals, fundraisers, missing pets. Something is better than nothing. If you can’t help them. Then don’t hurt them.
  • Reduce water wastage. Save all left over water in a watering can and water the plants.
  • Stay in touch with Nature. Go for forest walks. Start gardening. Meditate outdoors.

We have only one home and that’s our planet. Even the smallest effort to reduce our carbon footprint can make a difference, and if I live to see grandchildren I do hope they see a cleaner, greener world.

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The Wounded Palate



The most delicious desserts will never sweeten the one with the bitter breath.

He will always complain.

“Oh the presentation is bad.

Too many berries!

Lousy chocolate

“Ugh it tastes horrible”

He will spit on your table, scrape the chair backward

And head for the door.

Before you look at the mess he’s left behind, please walk him to the door and thank him for coming

and do ask him if you could sample

one of his desserts.

He will mumble something about not knowing how to cook, or

not having the time, or not finding the recipe. He may even look you

in the eye and tell you he can’t make desserts. And how his Father told him he couldn’t do a darn thing.

And that’s when you catch a glimpse of a young boy who was never praised, or approved, or accepted or encouraged. The harsh critiques he gives others freely and shamelessly are nothing compared to his self critiques. And the voices he heard as a child – he heard them so much he began to believe them, and eventually spew them on others.

For a second he looks at the door knob before stepping out and asks you how he can start making desserts.

You tell him to start by approving of himself.

Chances are he’ll slam the door on you grumbling to himself about incompetent cooks who waste his precious money.

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Card for the Day


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Zen Deck by Daniel Levin, personal collection

Thoughts do become our reality. And we end up believing everything we think. One negative thought leads to another and another and before we know it we are at the gates of Hell. All self created. When we become mindful of our thoughts and the process, we can replace the negative with the positive, with just a few words, we shift our reality. From hell to heaven 🙂

Have a blessed day all. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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Idam Namam

Nothing is mine.

No one belongs to me.

Not even my body.

Nor my mind.

Nor my thoughts.

Nor my actions.

The Past is over.

The Future who knows.

All I have is now

To surrender

To serve without expectation

Idam Namam

An ancient Sanksrit verse meaning “this is not mine” Nothing on this earth can be taken with us, nothing of Earth really belongs with us. When we have to go we leave it all behind.”Idam Namam” means to choose to live a dharmic life, in service of mankind, without expectation. The past is gone and the future is still unknown.

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The Sun Doesn’t Care


The Sun doesn’t care if we watch it rise.

The Sun doesn’t care what we think.

Nor does it care if there’s smog or fog,

The Sun’s going to do its thing.

Like a happy orange that’s been tossed into the sky.

The Sun’s gonna do what the Sun’s gotta do.

Rise and blaze through the smoke and the hate.

The Sun doesn’t care what you think.

Even on the smoggiest of days the Sun will shine

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When you Get, Give.

Pay it forward. Think about all the people who helped you when you needed a hand. The Airlines Security Guard who held your squirming toddler while you stowed away the stroller. The Lady who gave you a hand when you slipped in the pond. The Teacher who tied your shoe laces after you scraped your knee. People who encouraged you and helped you back up and accepted you as you are.

Sometimes we can’t pay their kindness back to them. But we can acknowledge what they have done for us and pay the kindness forward. To someone who may need it. With a compliment. A helping hand. A kind word. A little support.

Who in turn may pay it forward too.

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Today’s Message from Meditation

Adjusting to the “new normal” isn’t easy for any of us. There are moments when I long for the good old days before this Pandemic struck us all. And I read the news and think about all that is happening to so many people around the world. Today after meditation I pulled out this card and it made perfect sense. It’s not what’s happening to us, it’s how we respond and grow from these times that truly matters. Growth is painful but necessary. And we can choose to shrink with the times or grow, to our full potential.

Wishing you peace.

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Angels of Compassion


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This morning I came across this 2017 photograph online which moved me to tears. Of a man who wanted to jump off a bridge in London. He was talked down by absolute strangers who proceeded to hold him for 2 hours until help arrived. They huddled close to him and reminded him how precious Life is, how valuable he was to this Planet and to not give up.

Look at the arms of the people. Someone holding his leg. Someone giving him a hug. Another man whispering words of strength and courage in his ear. And another hand holding on to his belt. Acts of compassion in a time when the world needs it so bad. Those people were not random strangers, they were angels of compassion. People who know the power of kindness and compassion can save lives.

Mita Bhan