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Good begets good. Do good and good will eventually come back to you. Don’t keep your word or do something dishonest and face the repurcussions, sooner or later, in some form or the other. The week ahead promises a sigh of relief (even if it’s for a short while), new opportunities and the promise of exciting new connections personally and professionally. And while the winds of change may feel like a pleasant breeze, we are reminded to take the high road and be accountable for our own choices and actions. Plans and ideas can be put down and put to good use if the energies are applied correctly. Toxic connections can be broken once and for all. A good week to declutter and prune the excess from your home space or office desk. Alliances, mergers restructuring are favoured at the corporate and the political level in many nations leading to short term confusion but ultimately streamlining the process. Think long term the cards suggest. Whatever you do think, say or do now, will bear results later on. And your future self will thank you for it.

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