stress ballThe wise men tell us for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. And good health as well, if there’s resentment brewing within. One of those most toxic of all energies, repressed anger can lead to tense muscles, headaches, fatigue, hypertension, acidity and in later stages arthritis among other ailments. Resentment works as a slow poison into our system. Though our anger and bitterness may be directed at someone else the ill effects are felt by only us.

Anger is like any other emotion we feel, and it needs release. Constructively and non violently. Keep it in and the feelings are bound to pile up until we either explode on some inoccent person. Or we just fall ill. In order to bring harmony back into ourselves, it is vital that we must want to release the anger and return to our essential state of peace. Once our intention is clear, the conscious and peaceful release of anger periodically does show results, some of which are almost instantaneous.

Here are a few techniques that have been recommended by ancient gurus, alternative healing experts and psychologists which may help you release anger.

Physical Exercise. A brisk walk or even something vigorous like dance or skipping have been known to release the build up of toxins in the body. Martial Arts also allow us to release steam and promote our physical health at the same time.
Yogasanas and Breathing exercises under the guidance of an experienced Yoga teacher can help dispel anger and promote good health. One such example is kapalbhati an ancient and well known exercise for dispelling anger and other toxic emotions while toning the muscles and internal organs as well.
Healing crystals like Blue Lace Agate and Howlite can absorb angry energies to some degree. These can be used during a healing session, meditation or carried around in the pocket.
Guided imagery and visualization when combined with colour healing techniques works to release repressed images and memories associated with anger. However caution should be taken about doing these practices alone and its best done under the guidance of an trained healer or practitioner. Apart from these a number of other techniques are available which have proven effective for millions of people down the centuries including mantras, aromatherapy aides and sound therapy. People who realised the importance of releasing anger to bring in peace.

Mita Bhan – Psychic Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer, Mita Bhan does readings, healings and workshops from her offices in Gurgaon, India and Singapore

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