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Happy Teacher’s Day:) Today is Teachers Day in India. A day when students bring presents and cards for their teachers and honour them with words of gratitude and appreciation. And the teachers take the day off to watch a movie with their colleagues or just go off to celebrate while the senior students become teacher substitutes, realising just how hard their job is. And with time these students grow up to understand that there can be so many kinds of teachers on our journey. And each one, be it a formal school teacher, or a tutor, or a parent, a child, a friend, an experience, enriches us our world and our awareness of it. Leaving us with a sense of gratitude.

Thank you all my teachers – I am grateful for all that you have taught me and hope, you continue to show me as I learn from Life.

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Wishing you week of teaching, learning and unlearning 🙂

Mita Bhan