Lamp from Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Every now and then someone up there sends me someone so divine to meet for half an hour, or even half a minute and my life is transformed forever. Random people – clients, patients,neighbors, acquaintances…. – old, young, male, female – people who are just so likeable. Soooooo likeable. They have a glow around them. A certain purity. A rare ability to stay for long periods of time in the present moment. And a certain magical air about them.

Whenever I do get blessed by the presence of these souls, or they help me just when I need them, I thank and ask God to bless them for their ability to spread happiness. What’s even more beautiful is some of them don’t even know they have such a lovely gift. Such people are angels in disguise.

Think of the angels who you’ve met. Thank them:) And pray there be many more such angels in disguise on our planet. We could all do with a few more, don’t you think?:)

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