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Artwork by Rashi Gupta

The most beautiful part of living is contained with our breath,

Our life force. Our link with the Divine and Beyond. Our reason for existence.

If we weren’t breathing, we wouldn’t be here.

99% of us arent even aware of whats happening to us when we breathe.

And the majority of us don’t even know how to tap fully into the power of the breath. The key to vitality, wellbeing, inner peace and joy. And the tool through which we can let go of mental, emotional and physical blocks to our absolute state of perfection. Breathwork is simply working with our breaths using various techniques to find peace and harmony within.

After all, if we’re not at peace inside, how can we be at peace with the world around us? These techniques have found their roots in Ancient Yogic practices , Shamanic practices, Buddhist practices and modern day methods to bring about feelings of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Done consciously for a few minutes each day or as a SOS tool, breathwork works! After 5 minutes you start feeling better, and after 20 minutes you may even feel lighter and a little different as well. Conscious breathwork works to lower blood pressure, release anxiety and stress and bring more focus into our lives.

Breathwork allows our frequencies to vibrate a little higher. It pulls us away from the dense and drudgey energies of daily stresses. It allows us to reach a state of inner balance where suddenly, even if it’s for a short while, Life is beautiful all over again.

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