Healing crystals has been a passion for me since 2000. Fascinated by the colours, textures and properties of these magical stones, I have spent years studying them and applying them to heal myself and others. Needless to say, I have learnt a lot from crystals but in recent years a whole lot more.

Lesson One – Reduce Shopping

Ignorance was Greedy Bliss . When it came to buying crystals I used to be like a kid in a candy shop, peering excitedly at what was on display, asking the sales executive questions, feeling the coloured tumbled stones and cabuchons in my palm and loading my shopping basket.

I had no clue what was going on behind the scenes as I soaked in the natural beauty of crystals and researched and applied their healing properties. My collection spanned numerous boxes and soon one shelf became two and then three.

Did I need so much?

Ignorantly I was fuelling an industry that was not only raping our mines but exploiting the poor into destroying the environment. Horror stories of mining practices came to view and I decided to stop buying  any more new crystals in 2018. What I had in my collection would stay, be revered and used as healing tools. If people needed crystals they would be welcome to purchase from my existing stock but I would no longer add to my collection, nor take any requests to source a crystal.

Lesson Two – Reuse and Recycle Old Crystals

If you’ve stopped wearing the bracelet, or find the mala is collecting dust examine it for any chips/cracks or damage. Undamaged healing Crystals can be re-energised for a new intent or a new person provided they are cleansed right. An old healing bracelet which you no longer feel like wearing can be re-energized for the family room and hung on the wall. Old malas can be restrung into new and powerful combinations, the possibilities for re-use are endless as the inherent magnificence of the stone remains, and will continue to remain for centuries after you. I like to bury damaged and broken crystals back into the earth or have dropped them into the rivers. Back home to Nature where they came from.

Our Crystal mines are rapidly depleting. Chunks of land is blasted apart and too many labourers are being exploited. Let us leave what there is, buried in Earth and respect and cherish what we already have in our homes and offices. Mother Earth has been generous but as humans we’ve overdone the taking as usual. It’s time to conserve, stop buying and to work with what we already have.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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